It’s Harvest Time!

Harvest Festival

Just when you thought exciting holidays were done, it’s time for the Harvest Festival!  I already have all my Harvest Series, thanks to being diligent last year and collecting everything.  So it won’t be as stressful this year, but I will definitely participate.

Agent S is excited for the Harvest Festival!

Agent S is pretty pumped about the upcoming event.

Jay is secretly jealous.

Jay came up to King Squirt the other day and commented on his Kingly attire.  At first he was complimentary, but then he made this snide remark.  Or maybe he was just saying that he couldn’t never pull off this look like King Squirt can?  I dunno.  I’ll hope for the latter.

And now, for a last bit of news:  Shaolin has a new resident!

Meet Friga

Yet another penguin!  That makes the Shaolin Bird Count up to 4 now!  😛  She’s pretty cute tho, so I can’t complain.  I’m just not really sure how to pronounce her name.  Is it Free-ga?  Frih-ga?  Fridge-a?  Anyone in the know, please leave a comment and tell me!  LOL thanks!!

3 thoughts on “It’s Harvest Time!

  1. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    Maybe what Jay said is true, as Halloween passed. I have no connection with him. HE ISN’T EVEN IN MY TOWN! So don’t blame me just because me and him have the same first name. Goodbye.

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