Birthday & Party Info!!

Squirt's Birthday

As expected, King Squirt’s birthday was on the 18th!  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss the party – King Squirt’s Birthday Party is on 11/22!  I created a Facebook event for the party, but if you’re not on Facebook that’s ok!  I’ll post party info at the bottom of this blog.

Chester delivers the Cake!

I was somewhat surprised that Chester was the one delivering the cake to King Squirt.  I had assumed it would be Rowan, since he’s been around for quite a while and Squirt is always nice to him.  But I suppose being next-door neighbors with Chester helped them to become fast friends!

Everyone in town sent King Squirt a birthday card!  Woo hoo!  I took pictures of my favorite cards and all the townies’ birthday greetings for Squirt.  I didn’t feel like posting them all here, so please check out my Flickr page!  There’s a mini-photostream that you can click on to go to my Flickr page here on the right sidebar!  –>

King Squirt’s Birthday Party Info

When:  Sunday – November 22nd, 2009

Gates Will Be Open at the Following Times –

  • 12 PM EST: Open for UK/EU visitors!  Expected visitors *might* include Emma and Chorna!  If they remember to send me their FC’s!  lol  (5PM UK time)
  • 5 PM EST: Open for an hour before dinner time.  Expected visitors *might* include a new friend, Marissa from Arcadia!
  • 9 PM EST: Open for people who can’t stay up too late, such as my friend Kate from Towntown, and my friends in JAPAN!  (11AM JP time)
  • 11PM EST: Open for my late-night regulars!  Expected visitors *might* include Miao, Vella and Hery!

INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS PLEASE NOTE:  Recently the USA began “Daylight Savings Time.”  This means our clocks went back one hour.  Here are the time conversions for the Eastern Time Zone:  UK is +5 hours, NL is +6 hours and JP is +14 hours ahead!

Of course, feel free to bring presents!  Tee hee!  And don’t forget, King Squirt has prepared party favors and gifts for everyone who comes to Shaolin for his Birthday Party!  XD

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