King Squirt’s Anniversary

Squirt's Anniversary

Today King Squirt received this letter in the mail.  It was the confirmation I’d been waiting for – it has been exactly one year since I started playing AC:CF!  Hooray!  (Or is that a bad thing…?  hehehe)  While you won’t find blog entries from last November, you can check the archives… I’m pretty sure I started writing this blog in December of 2008.  But my blog has evolved a lot since then!  😀  Thanks to everyone who’s been reading all this time!!

Attached to this letter from the Mayor was the final piece that I needed for the Model Town room:  The Town Hall Model!

Town Hall Model

To celebrate his awesomeness, everyone in town has decided that Squirt would be the official King of Shaolin.  Tortimer has no comment on the matter.  But I have evidence that the townies have accepted King Squirt as their Royal Highness.  Just look:

Apollo Respects the Beard
Puck bows to the King
Jay is overjoyed by the King's visit!

See?  They all love King Squirt!!  XD

Of course, you probably know what all of this means.  King Squirt’s royal BIRTHDAY is tomorrow!  (It just HAS to be!  LOL I don’t remember exactly what day I set to be Squirt’s birthday.  But I remember setting it as the day following whatever day I started playing CF.  So if today was the one year anniversary of playing, then tomorrow must finally be his birthday!)

I am hoping that Squirt will get a cake.  He IS the King after all.  I will be sure to post and let you know who the mystery best bud will be!  My money’s on Rowan, but who knows?

What kind of birthday would it be if Squirt didn’t have a BIRTHDAY PARTY?  I think I will organize a party for this Sunday, 11/22.  I don’t have to work that day, so I can open the gates whenever.  Please leave a comment/message/email stating what time you’d be available to stop by!  I have party favors for all guests, so don’t miss out!  🙂

I’ll also commit to opening my gates at 11PM EST on Sunday, if that makes things easier.  (But please, if that time’s not good and you still want to visit, just let me know what time works for you and I’ll do my best to accommodate all requests!)  Don’t forget to bring PRESENTS!!

<<<  Preferably items from the list over on the left side bar! Hehehehehehe!

6 thoughts on “King Squirt’s Anniversary

  1. Congrats, King Squirt!! 😀
    Wow, in ACCF it really makes a lot of more sense that you’ll get the town hall after you have played one year there, it’s really an improvement!!
    In ACWW it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get the townhall without cheating. I’m playing for over 3 years now, I’m like crazy into turnips and trading it like hell, but…
    I still have only around 300 mio on my account, I mean how long does the programmers expect you to play this game?? To achieve 999.999.999 bells for the townhall I must still play over 6 years to get it 😆
    No way!!! xP

    1. gluxbox

      Wow Mayu, I did not know that was the way you get the Town Hall in WW! I don’t think I’ll ever earn 999,999,999 bells! I am struggling to pay off my house loans! LOL

      Thanks again for the gold tools!! They will help me a LOT. XD

  2. Miao

    Congrats to the 1 year anniversary of playing accf wii. 🙂
    I will be there on 11/22 11pm EST with a birthday present to Squirt. See you then.

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