The Animal Crossing Gods have smiled upon Shaolin this week.  Since Broccolo left me, I was a bit down in the dumps.  Now there aren’t any “original neighbors” in my town.  BUT…


Yesterday, Agent S moved into Shaolin!  She took Broccolo’s house location, so I guess that will help me forget about him.  I was so excited to have the COOLEST SQUIRREL join my townies!  HUZZAH!!!

That’s pretty much all I have to report.  I ordered more dachshund models for people who haven’t received them yet.  If anyone else is looking for the Nintendogs EU DLC (theres three different dogs now: the lab, the chihuahua and the dachshund!) just let me know and I’ll send it over to ya!

I’d just like to say HEY to Bam Bam and Subi from Plaahaus, and No Name from Glitch…  all of whom I haven’t seen in ages but was glad to hear from!  Sometimes it seems like not many people play AC anymore.  So I’m happy people are still playing (even if its just a little lol) and reading this blog!  Thanks guys!  XD

One more thing before I go…  Squirt ran into Phyllis the other day and she was acting pretty depressed..  Should I be worried?  XP

Phyllis is Depressing
Phyllis is Depressing

Come on, Phyllis!  It’s never too late to try to change your life!  LOL Maybe she’s depressed about the economy…  hehehhehe!

Only 8 days til Halloween!  WOO HOO!!!

2 thoughts on “OMG AGENT S! OMG

  1. Yay! I’m glad you got Agent S! Now I don’t have to feel bad about not visiting her in Higarden. I’ll have to stop by your town and say hi to her (though I doubt she’ll remember me. lol) Definitely sometime next week!

  2. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    Phyllis is rather interesting. Sometimes I wish she was as ebullient as her paradoxical.

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