Broccolo’s Leaving :(

This past week I’ve been worried about who was going to leave Shaolin next.  I talked to as many neighbors as I could find in the short time I’ve been able to log on.  But none of the townies had volunteered to move out, so I knew it was going to be someone unexpected.

Bye Broccolo :(
Bye Broccolo 😦

I’m super bummed about this.  Broccolo was Shaolin’s last remaining Original Townie.  He wouldn’t let me talk him out of leaving.  His stuff is packed and his mind is made up.  Poo.

Ahh well.  That’s the way it goes with the crossing of animals.  😛

Here’s a photo of the new Nintendogs EU DLC.  So far we have received a Labrador model and a Chihuahua model.  They are cute!  And two more are coming in the next two weeks!  But when will they release some KITTY MODELS???  lol

Nintendog Models
Nintendog Models

One thought on “Broccolo’s Leaving :(

  1. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    I think the Chihuahua is based off of Serena, or vice versa. (maybe both) She is so CUTE!

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