Well everybody, it’s official.  Squirt is now known as the TOWN HERO!

Town Hero!
Town Hero!

During the humble ceremony, Tortimer presented Squirt with the Legitimate Golden Net, to commemorate the completion of his bug index.  All the town rejoiced!  OK, not really.

Broccolo was busy talking smack about Blathers and Celeste outside the Shaolin Museum.

Harsher words were never spoken by Broccolo...
Harsher words were never spoken by Broccolo...

Since it’s the weekend, I made my usual trip to the city.  Phineas has been there for the past two days.  Both days he gave me a green classic balloon… which I already had.  Grr.  But yesterday there was an additional celeb in the city – Gracie!  I was decked out in my new “Going Green” outfit that I made up.  It’s comprised of new Gracie exclusives – the Retro Helmet, Shirt Circuit, and of course matching green shoes.  I didn’t know what to expect from Gracie.  I was hoping she’d give me props at least for wearing her clothing line and matching them all by color (I didn’t take the time to figure out what “style” each item is).

Gracies not impressed.
Gracie's not impressed.

While Gracie did pick up on the fashion trend I was attempting to start… she wasn’t very impressed.  My outfit was not good enough to get a good score or a store discount.  But I think she secretly appreciated the fact that I was trying!  lol

Weekends are very important in the Auction House.  Nobody bought the Shamrock hat I displayed 2 weeks ago (I guess everybody has them by now.  I have like 2 extra in my closet I was hoping to get rid of lol!) so I wanted to make sure I put something better up this time.  Since the Art Section of the Shaolin Museum is complete, I’ve been buying paintings from Redd, and showing them to Blathers to check them for authenticity.  If he doesn’t say it’s a fake, I keep it by the town gate.  So I took a Famous Painting with me to the Auction House yesterday.  It *should* be legitimate.  I can’t say for sure, but Blather’s didn’t say HOORK when I showed it to him.  He just gave me the cryptic, “Rather odd, there being two identical paintings…”

Buy the Mona Lisa!
Buy the Mona Lisa!

So if you need this painting to complete your art museum, go to the Auction House next weekend!  I set the price at 999 bells, so it’s pretty affordable.  Place your bids, people!  🙂

5 thoughts on “TOWN HERO!

  1. Sarah

    I just wanted to say I absolutely love Squirt’s blog! ^^ It’s so fun to read about someone else’s adventures even as you are having your own…and it’s so nice to find a blog that doesn’t stop after 5 or 6 months-please keep up the excellent work! 😀
    P.S. Congrats on the ‘town hero’ status! ^o^

  2. gluxbox

    Hi! Thanks for reading! If you want to exchange friend codes, send me a message or an email! 🙂

    …and I agree about blogs that just stop after a while. They’re quite the let-down. lol!

    1. Sarah

      Thank you so much for the invite! ^^
      I actually *gulp* don’t have a town right now… T^T but if the invitation still stands when I restart up, I’d love to hang out with Squirt! ^o^

  3. I have the experience that if I have a real painting in the museum, then you can’t get an answer from Blathers. I give a duplicate one I bought from Redd one day, and she found out it’s a fake one. IMy guess is that it depends on your luck.

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