September Stuff

It’s the start of autumn in Shaolin, and all the big scary bugs have left town.  Good thing I’ve been hoarding bugs inside Squirt’s house to be ready for the final Bug-Off on the 19th.  Here’s a list of the new bugs and fish to find in September:  Wiki’s Catch of the Month

September Charm
September Charm

On September 1st Squirt went to the city to get the new Town Charm.  Katrina said that if you plant 3 flower seeds in Shaolin, something good happens to the flowers in your town.  I assume this means you won’t have to water the flowers.  I’ve never had this charm before, but I know other people who have!  It’s a great charm so come by with three flowers in your pockets!

Not long after Bree left, a new neighbor moved into Shaolin.  Not shockingly, the new house appeared right where Bree’s used to be.  Grr…

Greetings Gala!
Greetings Gala!

Oh joy, a new pig in town!  At least she’s cuter than Curly was.  I just hope she’s not a snob.  I haven’t figured out what her M.O. is yet.  I also think it’s interesting that she has a Japanese exclusive item in her house.  I certainly didn’t give it to her!  I guess she’s obsessed with dolls?

The circle of life neighbors continues in Shaolin, because now Victoria has decided she wants out of Shaolin.

Victorias Leaving
Victoria's Leaving

Victoria first spoke of this to Squirt.  When she first mentioned it, I didn’t want her to leave.  Then I thought about how there’s two horses in Shaolin, so I decided to tell her that I was ok with her leaving.  Apparently, she was hoping I was going to ask her to stay, because she was all insulted.  So now I feel guilty.  But…  I don’t need two horses.  I’ll keep the stupid clown horse Peaches instead.  Sorry Vicky!  I know there are other towns who need your cuteness!

On to other news…  Squirt needed two bugs to complete both his Bug Index, and to complete the Insect section of the Shaolin Museum.  The bugs remaining were the Bell Cricket and the Red Dragonfly.  The bell cricket comes out at night, so I was able to catch it right away after a late shift at work.

Bell Cricket!
Bell Cricket!

I must have caught like 10 regular crickets before finding the bell cricket, and realizing that it was considerably fatter.  So now, I can tell the difference.  That left nothing but the Red Dragonfly, which is only out during the day.  I had to wait until today to look for it, since I don’t have to work today!  It didn’t take long to spot the red dragonflies buzzing around town.  They are fairly small and slow, which made for an easy catch!

I caught all the bugs!
I caught all the bugs!

Hooray!  Squirt’s bug index is finally complete!  No holes left in my encyclopedia, as far as insects are concerned!  I only have one fish left to catch, the King Salmon.  It doesn’t arrive and start it’s migration upstream until the middle of September.  So the Shaolin Museum isn’t totally complete yet, but…

Insect Museum Complete!
Insect Museum Complete!

Blathers confirmed that the Insect section was indeed complete.  He went on to say that he couldn’t decide if he was happy about this, or if he was utterly disgusted.  Don’t worry Blathers, I won’t be bringing you any more yucky buggies!  Now they only go to Nat and Nook!

I wonder if Blathers will say anything extra once the entire museum is complete?  Maybe you have to have all the gyroids stored too?  I don’t know.  I certainly don’t have all the gyroids.  Hmm… I guess Squirt won’t be retiring as soon as he’d hoped.  LOL!

3 thoughts on “September Stuff

  1. When can I come over?!?! I hate watering. ww

    It’s too bad you have just about everything because I’ve never had the rare items charm either and crucian carp should not be hard to catch. I think it gets you a spotlight item?

    Why does it always seem like Doomdoom is copying Shaolin? You have a horse; I get Clyde. You have Curly; I get Curly. You have Apollo; I got Pierce. At least you don’t have ducks I suppose. (I’m sure some ducks are great, but Derwin and Scoot and Gloria were not)

    Well, I think you are definitely going to finish your museum before me. I need three more paintings that I don’t think I’ll ever get. Redd is purposely stocking nothing but counterfeits and jolly paintings 😛

  2. You wrote “all the big scary bugs have left town”, apparently it’s not sure. Scorpion will be here till the end of September. I finally caught a scorpion in September after I had my animal neighbors using the catchphrase “scorpion” lol.

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