That’s A-Moray!

Warning:  I’m writing this blog at 8 AM while at work.  If you see any typos or errors, please disregard.  I don’t think my typing, writing or proofreading skills are awake yet.

Last night, I had a guest visit me!  MM (aka Miao) came to Shaolin, and she was carrying around a tarantula!  She told me she’d just caught it while waiting to meet up.  So lucky!  I still have yet to catch one.  I keep getting bit.  😦  She also brought gifts for me!  A gold rose and some Saharah items!  She wanted to copy some DLC she hadn’t found, like the School Cap that was released in Japan back in April.  I let her copy the cap but told her that the matching shirt is actually a pattern.  Since it was after 11 PM at the time, I couldn’t give her the pattern through my Able’s Shop.  We agreed to go back to her town, Hang, so I could put the pattern on display.

After taking care of business, MM needed to water her many numerous flowers so I decided to try my hand at fishing.  The only fish I had to catch this month is the Moray Eel.  I hadn’t really seen anything lately, the last I saw of the moray was when Cousin Vella caught one in Higarden a while back (in the future lol).  I assumed it was going to be a big shadow in the water.

I was set up right next to the Lighthouse, on the beach.  I saw a shadow that was about as long as a Sea Bass, but maybe a little bit thinner.  Sea Bass are usually fatties.  I didn’t think much of it.  It wasn’t a big long fish, like a Blue Marlin or a Ray.  So imagine my surprise when I pulled out a squirmy, yellow MORAY EEL from the water!  The first fish I caught was the one I was looking for!  Huzzah!  I rushed up to show MM.

MM likes the Moray Eel!
MM likes the Moray Eel!

That leaves only TWO FISH left to catch for the Aquarium!  Only need a Jellyfish and a King Salmon now.  How exciting!  Don’t get too excited though, because the Jellyfish doesn’t come out until mid-August, and the King Salmon isn’t around until September.  But we’re close to the end now!

I took the big, ugly, slippery eel back to Shaolin to deliver to Blathers.  He promptly displayed it in the back section of the Aquarium where all the cool Ocean fish hang out.  The Moray Eel fit right into this rock and kept popping out to snap at the other fish passing by!

Thats a-Moray!
That's a-Moray!

So, to recap:  The Moray Eel is not as long as some of the other rare ocean fish.  It is approximately the length of a Sea Bass, but slightly thinner.  Good luck catching it!  They DO exist!  lol

One thought on “That’s A-Moray!

  1. You are quick and dilligent.
    I like to read your blog.
    I laughed so hard when we ran around my lighthouse last night. It’s so funny!
    See you soon.

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