One week later…

A week has passed since my last post.  Here’s what you’ve missed in Shaolin!

Apollo prophetically telling the charm of Chibikuro!
Apollo prophetically telling the charm of Chibikuro!

Zelda came to visit Shaolin one night when it was raining.  I usually don’t open the gates at night because I’m looking for a creepy crawly bug.  But I heard that they don’t come out when it’s raining, so guests are welcome to visit in bad weather!  lol

Using her magical powers, Zelda was able to take full advantage of the Zen Spa set up in Deb’s house.

Zelda in the Spa
Zelda in the Spa

July 14th was Bastille Day en France and a new DLC was issued for all EU AC players: an Eiffel Tower model!  It matches the other models very nicely.  Vella managed to take a trip overseas and pick up some of the new DLC and invited Chokomaru and Squirt over to Doomdoom!  Thanks Vella!

We were shocked to find the dreaded HDLC DimentioMsk in her Able’s Shop that day!


We knew it was inevitable that it would show up.  But I still haven’t seen it in Shaolin!

Later in the week I visited Castletown again and watched some magic tricks being performed.  It was pretty cool!

Aaron is pitfalled on a cliff?
Aaron is pitfalled on a cliff?

Then, this morning there was a glorious announcement on the Bulletin Board:  the Lighthouse was complete!  I rushed over to the beach and was greeted by Tortimer!  He gave me the same lame explanation that all the funds donated went directly to the Lighthouse construction, so there was no money left to have an inaugural celebration.  Oh well!  I am quite pleased with it!  I was afraid that it would block one of my favorite fishing spots.  But it was fine!  There’s plenty of room on both sides of the lighthouse to fish.  Sadly, one palm tree was destroyed in the construction.


Still no sight of the Tarantula and Scorpion.  Haven’t seen either of them in a week or so.  STUPID BUGS!  lol

One thought on “One week later…

  1. If you can’t beat the Dimentio mask, wear it! At least that’s my newfound approach to it. 😛

    I like your lighthouse location! You do have a lot of room on both sides. My lighthouse feels kind of jammed in there and it’s right beneath Grebo’s house. I can only imagine the glare in his second story windows. ww

    Thanks for the help with the paintings and balloons. The scenic painting I picked up from Higarden turned out to be a fake. So I still need four.

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