Wario Ate a Mushroom

Since I’ve started hanging with this new crowd, I’ve had access to certain things I didn’t have before.  Such as large sums of money.  Or rare items that are normally hard to find throughout the year.  Recently, my friend Trina has treated me to plenty of both!  I’ve been able to exceed 10,000,000 bells in my savings account, and I’ve also received some excellent rare items like paintings and different edible treats, such as mushrooms!

Wario Ate a Mushroom
Wario Ate a Mushroom

I didn’t know you could eat the mushrooms that pop up in November.  Trina told me to take some Rare Mushrooms home and eat them.  She said something ‘weird’ would happen.  Considering I’ve been dressed as Wario the past few days, it seemed like the right thing to do.  I mean, all the Nintendo characters like mushrooms, don’t they?  When I got home, I took one of the big, ugly brown Rare Mushrooms out of my pocket and tentatively began to eat it.

You can see in the photo that Wario’s face became very flushed and he started seeing flowers floating around his head!  He seemed very euphoric.  I wasn’t sure if there were going to be any side effects, so I just decided to go to bed.

Then Squirt had a very strange dream.

He dreamt about a Lighthouse.  A special Lighthouse that he could climb to the very top of and gaze out into the open sea.  It was such a vivid dream!

Lighthouse Dream
Lighthouse Dream

I don’t know if it was the Rare Mushrooms or what, but in the morning Wario had mysteriously turned into Mario!  And when I went to the Town Hall, Pelly asked which new addition I would like for Shaolin.  Obviously, I had to choose Lighthouse!  Maybe my dream will come true?

We need a Lighthouse!
We need a Lighthouse!

Dont you see the family resemblance?
Don't you see the family resemblance?

In other news, I took a little trip to the future to visit Cousin Vella in Higarden.  Her town is currently in September.  Apparently her pockets were stuffed with GracieGrace exclusive outfits.  I catalogued the funny food designed clothes and she even let me keep the Hot Dog shirt!  Now I have something hideous to match the ugly Hot Dog hat lol!  Anyway, we realized that in September there are new fish – the Salmon and King Salmon.  According to their spawing cycle, the salmon fish start off in the ocean and start making their way upstream in the rivers, and are gone by the end of October.  So we headed to the beach to try our luck.  And we both did have a *little* luck.  I was able to find many Salmon, which was excellent because that’s one less fish to catch for my Museum.  And Cousin Vella managed to catch a King Salmon.  I searched all over the beach and the river mouth but I didn’t see any large shadows.  Ahh well.  At least I have one fish to cross off my Countdown to Completion list!  Hooray!

September Salmon
September Salmon

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