Art Museum = Complete!

Animal Crossing is all about filling up your Museum!  It’s one of my favorite parts of the game.  Today, I was able to complete the Art Section of the Shaolin Museum!  I do have to say that I did not do this alone, and a lot of friends helped me to complete this goal!  I’d like to thank three people for their help and contributions (or should I say, donations?) to this cause:  Bubbzi, Vella and Trina!

How did I complete my Art Exhibit so fast?  It really wasn’t that hard!  OK it’s true that some of my friends are hackers and were able to get me the pieces I needed, but I would guess that half of these paintings were donated legitimately!  I go to visit Redd’s shop every week, and I buy the painting regardless of what it is.  This might seem like a waste, but if you have some WiFi friends who also do this, you can help each other out.  If the painting you bought is something you already have, then give it to a friend, because in their museum it might be accepted!  And likewise, ask your friends if they have any “extra” paintings that you could show to Blathers.  Vella kept getting repeat paintings from Redd in her game, so she was able to give me a bunch of paintings that turned out to be legitimate in my town!

Of course, today was the exception to the rule.  I visited Oasiss again and discovered a very interesting Nookington’s…

Art Mall
Art Mall

Can you really blame me?  I only needed 4 paintings to complete my Exhibit (one of them being a Nook Spotlight item that never appeared!) so Trina hooked me up with what I needed.  She also gave me a BUNCH of other goodies, and I attempted to fish for a Hammerhead in her ocean of gold roses and rocks.  Still no luck on that quest.  I did manage to catch the Napoleonfish today, which was fun!  That thing is huge and ugly!  Dan, one of the less often used characters, logged in and caught a Grasshopper, which freaked out Blathers a lot!  What an exciting day this must have been for that old owl… lol!

Art Exhibit Complete
Art Exhibit Complete

Oh, and before I go, here’s a quick update about the soon to be released (hopefully) USA and JP DLC.  They are both supposed to be distributed on 7/20.  The JP DLC is an あさがお or Morning Glory flower.  The USA DLC is a Dolphin Model.  I’m not sure what the dolphin thing has to do with “One small step” as the Wii DLC page hinted.  I guess since the model is something from the game Pikmin, and that character is an astronaut…?  I don’t know.  I never played Pikmin.  😛

One thought on “Art Museum = Complete!

  1. Jealous of the hacked painting Nookington’s! Vella could have a field day in there so long as they’re not all jolly paintings (her personal version of hell). Do you get anything for completing the art exhibits?

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