Starcrossed Warios

I heard from ちょこまる that today was a holiday in Japan.  Starcrossed Day!  I had no idea what the holiday was for.  All I knew was that I was going to get a Bamboo Grass.  I was hoping that it would be explained to me in ちびくろ (Chibikuro).

Starcrossed Day
Starcrossed Day

Tortimer was just as confused as me.  All he knew was that the holiday had something to do with romance.  Thanks for nothing, Tortimer!  When I asked ちょこまる what the holiday was about, he said today wasn’t really a holiday!  I think something was lost in translation…  So I guess it will remain a mystery!

As you can see in the photo, I have recently obtained the Wario Hat and Bad Bro ‘Stache.  If you look closely, you can see that ちょこまる is wearing a Wario Shirt that he designed.  We decided to go back to Shaolin so he could display the Wario Shirt in my Able’s Shop.  (His tailor was closed since it was after 11pm in Japan at the time.)

Not long after Chokomaru came to Shaolin, we were suddenly transformed into WARIO TWINS!

Wario Twins
Wario Twins

Does Wario have a catch phrase?  All I can think of is the sound he makes in Mario Kart when something bad happens, “Ay-ay-AHHH!”

Anyway, after the commotion was over and the gates were closed again, I decided to check my mail.  I had forgotten about the major achievement I’d reached last night – I exceeded 10 million bells in my savings account!  So you can imagine my surprise when I read this ABD Notice:

One million??
One million??

Apparently Nintendo had a little typo and wrote that I had only saved one million bells, instead of the TEN million I knew I had.  Whatever, they still sent me the Piggy Bank!  I proudly displayed it in the Nursery School themed room.  Huzzah!

New DLC is coming out on the 20th in Japan AND America, so keep your WiiConnect24 on!!

ちょこまるーさん ありがとうね! またね! わたしは UFO を さがす!

2 thoughts on “Starcrossed Warios

  1. Melody

    Starcrossed Day is based of the festival of the seven heavens. There is a really long legend about it but the TLDR version is the girl got forbidden from seeing the boy and they are both imprisoned in the celestial stars. For a year, they never see each other but eventually, their love lets them come up with a plan and they are reunited.
    I know a lot about it because I am co-hosting a user-run event on a forum chatsite so if you have any questions, I am open to answering them.

  2. Grats on the 10 million! Now you have to haul around the bells to all the rest of your characters so they can get the bank too. That was a major undertaking for me. LOL.

    I missed the visit *again*! I really need to try and get up in the morning, but it’s so early in CA and so late in JP. Hopefully we can all get together on the 20th. Remind me to go to bed early that night. ww

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