Flea Markets & Far Away Lands

Attention Readers:

I have created a Chat Room for the Shaolin Town Blog.  If you noticed it yesterday, it has moved.  The Chat Room is located on the CHAT tab at the top of the page.  See ya in there!  🙂

My Flea Market was a great success! I had several Sharks, Coelacanths, Dorados and some Red Snappers for sale. I charged all my townies double the price Nook would pay for them. And they were more than willing to hand over the cash!

Show me the money...
Show me the money...

At the end of the day, I ended up making around 300K in profits.  Nice!  Here’s just a little tidbit of info I learned during the Flea Market though.  (This is all on the Flea Market AC:CF Wiki Page)  There are five townies that are outside of their house during the day.  5 in the morning, 5 different ones in the afternoon.  I was hoping to have EVERY townie visit my Flea Market.  However, according to the Wiki Page, a TOTAL of 5 townies will visit you throughout the day.  Of those 5, they will all only buy at most 3 items.  I was a little disappointed, hoping to sell fish to every townie, but oh well.  I still made plenty of cash!

This morning I saw Curly was hiding in his house.  I couldn’t resist… I peeked in to see if he was really moving away.

Curlys Packed!
Curly's Packed!

Wahoo!!!!  He’s getting ready to leave!  I can’t wait!  Who wants to come to a “Curly’s Gone” party at my place?  lol

I met some new friends recently, and this morning I checked my gate to see if anyone was around.  I noticed that my new friend in Eldin was open (but I’m not sure what the town is really called… it might be Castle, it might be Hyrule… I’m a little fuzzy on the details).  Tentatively, I stepped through the gate.  Didn’t know what to expect.  I don’t think even my expectations could have imagined this…

Am I Dreaming?
Am I Dreaming?
Mushroom Gorge
Mushroom Gorge

This new town is, shall I say, an “altered” town.  I would never hack my own town, but it’s always fun to visit one!  This town had “relocated” the gate, so I could see the long path that I must have run down to get to this magical place!  Money bags were strewn everywhere (I couldn’t resist picking one up), in addition to golden and silver tools!  As I toured around, there were more and more items to pick up (all free!) and beautiful gold roses covered the ground.  Crowns and Royal Crowns were all over.  I even picked up a few fruit tables for Deb’s up and coming Fruit Cafe.  It was July in this town, so I managed to find a Robust Cicada and a Brown Cicada on trees as I went by.  I passed over a Mushroom Patch as I walked across the town.

This place was definitely cool!  I had seen pictures of it online but nothing compares to viewing the real thing!  I like how ‘hackers’ can put trees anywhere, it allows for them to create a new type of landscape.  While it may be a little crazy and disorienting, it does allow them to show their creativity.  It’s fun to run around and check out the wonders!

Palm Tree Sea
Palm Tree Sea

I’m going to be honest here.  I saw a bunch of leaves on the ground in one area of this town.  They all had fish titles.  One of them said Hammerhead Shark.  I picked it up and took it back to my Museum.  I know, it’s totally cheating!  I’m sure I’ll still manage to catch a few hammerheads legitimately.  I just really wanted a stupid hammerhead!  Don’t judge me!!!  lol

I definitely enjoyed myself in Eldin/Castle/Hyrule with my new friend Retula/Zelda!  I hope I’ll be able to visit again soon!  She’s pretty popular though (I mean, who doesn’t love visiting a friend who has bags of bells lying around?) so it might be tough to find an opening in her town!  But thanks for everything Retula/Zelda!

OH and just before I go – the new Nintendo DLC:  Ladder Glasses has NOT arrived yet.  It was supposed to be released on 6/23 and nobody has received it.  Tomorrow is supposedly the last day it will be available.  WACK!  I hope I get it tomorrow, I guess!

2 thoughts on “Flea Markets & Far Away Lands

  1. I caught another hammerhead shark on Saturday night. I caught 4 so far, wish I could give one to you.

    I visited a hacked town last night, but no free item, just cool layout.

  2. Thanks for the tips for flea market.
    I will try that next month. I only sold a rare beetle at its doule price 12k, others are furnitures.

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