Missing Mommy

There’s a lost kitten in Shaolin.

Mom is MIA
Mom is MIA

Katie the kitten is back once again.  She says her negligent mother is in Doomdoom, where Vella lives.  I asked Vella if she has talked to Booker at the gate.  Sadly, in her town, Booker said nobody was visiting.

However, I had some shirts that I had ordered for Vella, plus I heard that a new Café had opened down by the beach in Doomdoom.  I decided to visit.  Maybe Katie’s Mom was hiding there!  But probably not.

No large yellow motherly cats with spatulas were spotted in Doomdoom.  I did find Café Locke, which was extremely upscale!  Luckily I’m a VIP or I’m not sure I would have been allowed in lol!  I’m sure Gracie herself would have been proud to step into such a fine establishment.  It’s only too bad that the poor espresso maker doesn’t “fit” on a table top, and has to sit on the floor… (is that hygenic?  lol)

Cafe Locke
Cafe Locke

In other news, I was chatting with Elise last night.  She’s the townie who moved to Shaolin from a mysterious town, Adamberg.  I don’t know which of my friends is from Adamberg (it could even be a friend of a friend’s town for all I know) but I got to learn a little bit more about it!

Adambergs Town Tune
Adamberg's Town Tune

Elise “sang” the town tune from Adamberg to me, and told me that she’ll always have fond memories of that place.  I thought that was really cool!  I had never had a neighbor move in from a friend’s town before, and I had no idea they would mention things about their previous town!  I can only hope that the Shaolin townies that have moved on to new places are saying nice things about this town too!

I’ve been preparing for the Flea Market tomorrow.  Since the Photo Shoot is over, I’m selling off all the most expensively priced items to my neighbors.  There is a moon, a pyramid, some sphinxes, ancient columns, and plenty of sharks, arowana and coelacanth to go around!  I only hope that I can manage to get the townies to buy it all at double the price!  After clearing out the rooms, I decided to go with a new theme for Squirt’s house.  It’s going to be a School House!  I have it all planned out.  The basement is going to be a Kindergarten/Nursery theme for the “Nursery School Room.”  The main floor is going to be a “Science Lab” classroom.  And upstairs I’ve set up a “Schoolyard” for gym class!

Squirt doing the High Jump!
Squirt doing the High Jump!

All I have to do now to finish the School House is sell off my Flea Market wares so I can fill the room with desks and chalk boards!  Pictures will be posted, don’t worry lol!  But you should come visit and see for yourself!  🙂

And finally, the four leaf clover has been working for me again.  I’ve been half-heartedly attempting to reason with Serena the Fountain Goddess lately.  Usually she just gives me the regular responses.  But this evening she was feeling a little more generous!  She started with the predictable ‘Did you throw a gold axe in here…’ and I was honest, as always.  Then Serena offered me a Gold Axe, and promptly started laughing that she was all out of those.  But to my surprise, she offered me a Silver Axe!  I said “Yes, please.” and she started telling me about precious metals!

Silver Axe!
Silver Axe!

WiFi Flea Market

To all my readers out there, I have a some rare items up for grabs!  Best offer gets the prize!  I’ll trade for any Gulliver item (except the Pagoda, Metroid and Chocolates) or any large sum of money!  Here’s what I have to offer:

  • Gold Axe
  • Silver Axe
  • Gold Watering Can
  • Rice Cake (2)
  • Tokonoma
  • Link Costume (Hero’s Clothes & Hero’s Cap)
  • Espresso Maker
  • Shamrock Hat (2)
  • Bamboo Grass (2)

If you’d like to place an offer for one of these exclusive items (ok some of them aren’t THAT exclusive lol) please leave a comment, send me an email, or send me a message on the Meebo Me chat window on the right sidebar!

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  1. miao

    I’ve sent you new email today. Please check.
    I mean to send it to you yesterday, but my laptop was dead in the middle of writing. Sorry about it.

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