Today is the first of July!  (or Shichigatsu in Japanese)  This is so exciting, I’ve been waiting for these summer months all year!  There are a ton of new bugs and fish to catch, I’ll list them all a little later on.

Today started out great!  Curly’s house is gone.  I am going to be putting down tiles where houses were from now on, so I don’t plant any important flowers over an area where a house might appear!

Since it’s the first of the month AND a Wednesday, of course I had to get on the bus to the city!  First I went to visit Katrina for the Shaolin monthly charm:

“I have revealed for you a charm that increases the chances of finding lost goods…  You must find a clover and hold it dearly…  This is Shaolin’s July charm…”

Hmm.  Well, at least it’s not THAT bad!  Good luck finding a spare clover in my town though… lol!

The US DLC Ladder Glasses did NOT arrive.  Nintendo really messed up this time!  I can only hope we’ll still get a new item for Independence Day, on July 4th!  I think I can speak for everyone in saying that America is very disappointed that our DLC never arrived.  😦

However, there’s plenty of bugs and fish to be found in June, so here’s a list of what to look for:

  • Atlas beetle – night – palm trees
  • Banded dragonfly – day – airborne
  • Brown cicada – day – trees
  • Cyclommatus – night – palm trees
  • Dynastid beetle – night – trees
  • Elephant beetle – night – palm trees
  • Evening cicada – early AM & evening – trees
  • Fruit beetle – all day – trees
  • Giant beetle – early AM & late night – trees
  • Golden stag – night – palm trees
  • Grasshopper – afternoon – grass
  • Hercules beetle – night – palm trees
  • Jewel beetle – day – trees
  • Longhorn beetle – late night – stumps
  • Miyama stag – all day – trees
  • Robust cicada – day – trees
  • Saw stag beetle – all day – trees
  • Scarab beetle – early AM & late night – trees
  • Scorpion – night – ground
  • Walker cicada – day – trees
  • Walking leaf – day – ground
  • Walking stick – early AM & evening – trees

I hope I didn’t leave anything out!  There’s a TON of bugs to catch, so get out there!  Plus you can get a tan when you’re out in the sun in Animal Crossing!

  • Arapaima – night – rivers – huge
  • Blue Marlin – all day – ocean – huge
  • Napoleonfish – all day – ocean – huge
  • Puffer fish – all day – ocean – sm/medium
  • Sweetfish – all day – rivers – sm/medium

There’s not quite as many new fish, but those huge fish are worth at least 10,000 bells each so it’s definitely worth spending a day at the beach!

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