The Hunter or the Hunted?

Yay I’m back to blogging a little more regularly!

The results are official now.  Squirt won the Bug-Off!  The golden bug trophy has been proudly displayed in the Tomb Room.  Deb logged in yesterday just to check the ‘score’, and jokingly submitted a tiny bug just to see what the score would be.  Little did she know a surprise would be waiting for her the next day!

Consolation Prize
Consolation Prize

Maybe it’s cuz I don’t usually have more than one character participate in the tournaments, but I thought this was really funny.  A consolation award for trying!  Huzzah!  But, there was nothing attached to the letter.  😛

Hi Vella!
Hi Vella!

While today wasn’t an exciting event like yesterday, it was still a holiday.  Happy Father’s Day!  Squirt’s Dad sent him a “Pop’s Quiz!” in the mail, with red carnations attached.  I added them to the garden.  Also, a little bird told me that it was Midsummer’s Day in Europe.  (Why do they get such cuter holiday names??)  And not only that, but there was new European DLC released today!  So there was much to do.  Deb checked the gate first thing in the morning, but only Doomdoom (full of gloomy doomy rain lol) was open.  I popped in to say hello.  We marveled at each other’s keen fashion sense.  We’ve both been approved as official Fashionistas.

(Oh by the way, I finally figured out why Gracie had rejected my watermelon costume a while back.  It turns out that the watermelon costume is “funky” style, while the hairdo I had at the time was “fresh” style.  God forbid my hairdo isn’t the same style as my clothes!  Sheesh!  So anyway, word to the wise.  Make sure you know your styles.)

ANYWAY, back to the hunt for rare European items.  Squirt logged in and waited at the gate for any sign of my European friends.  Not a Union Jack in sight, but I did see that Glitch was open, where my friend No Name lives.  He lives in the same area as me, so I wasn’t going to find any new items, but I was able to let him catalog the ghost umbrella.

  • Tomorrow my gates will be open for a while, so everybody feel free to come and visit!  🙂

Later on, I found my good old buddy Jed from Hazmat had his gates open.  I raced through and he let me catalog the new DLC – a sand castle!  I started wandering around looking for the Town Hall where Tortimer was.  Jed showed me the way and I was able to pick up a few espresso makers.  Apparently I forgot to save the photo I took of Tortimer telling me that the espresso makers were the reason that Midsummer’s Day was also called the “Sleepless Night.”

So the hunt for rare European items was a success!  But that doesn’t mean the hunting was finished for Shaolin!  I’ve made it my priority the past few evenings to try and find the Piranha, the Hammerhead Shark, and the Tarantula.  It hasn’t been much of a success.  Quite a few small sized fish have escaped me while I was fishing, so I am pretty convinced that they were piranhas lol. I stayed in the north area river for a long time, so around 8PM I finally decided to head to the beach to look for some sharks.

As I was walking, I noticed Chief and Ruby were having a conversation.  In true AC fashion, I eavesdropped.  Chief seemed to be coaching Ruby to do a specific look.  Something about glaring?  I thought he was making her pose for him or something.  Then suddenly Chief said, “Oh try it out on Squirt.”  Then Ruby said this to me:

A warning?  Or a tough-love pep talk?
A warning? Or a tough-love pep talk?

I don’t really understand this unprovoked aggression.  They both walked away like nothing happened after Ruby’s outburst.  It was a little weird.  Was she warning me?  Was she trying to give me some not-so-friendly advice?  Or was I merely a test dummy for Ruby’s weird threat?

Things were about to get a lot weirder…  I continued on towards the beach.  I really want a Hammerhead Shark!  I had my fishing rod at the ready as I walked over the South Bridge.  When I stepped onto the sand, I noticed something next to me.  Something BIG.



Apparently it didn’t see me and the Tarantula walked out of frame.  In a panic (I didn’t know WHAT to do!!) I switched to my net.  I could hear the Tarantula’s excitement as he scuttled back for the kill.  Frantically, I switched to another tool in hopes that it would stop.  But it was too late!


Next thing I knew, I was in front of my house in a daze.  (Who put me there???)

Looks like the hunter became the hunted!

2 thoughts on “The Hunter or the Hunted?

  1. I’m excited about the long awaited photo shoot tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll have a lot more to blog about. Catch that tarantula so I can come over and look at it in the museum since I haven’t even seen one!

  2. Eek! That just happened to me, too! I tried to get behind it with my net but he was too fast for me! Wonder if we’ll get immunity to the stings…?

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