Chief knows how it goes for AC players!
Chief knows how it goes for AC players!

It’s the weekend, and that means more exciting news to update from Shaolin.  If you haven’t already, you should haul your butt over to the Auction House and put something cool on display!  If you’re on my friend list, you’ll probably see the fossil I displayed, on sale for only 999 bells!

Dont go, Broccolo!
Don't go, Broccolo!

I know I said I was ok with Broccolo leaving.  But when he said that pathetic little line to me, I just couldn’t bear to let him leave!  Luckily, he was quick to change his mind and decide to stay.  Then I figured it was only a matter of time until someone else volunteered to leave!  I’ve started harassing Curly, because I want a new next door neighbor.

Apollo apparently has ties with Crazy Redd
Apollo apparently has ties with Crazy Redd

Usually when a townie is talking about Crazy Redd, they are recounting an incident where somebody bought a fake painting from Redd, and warning you to be careful while shopping there.  Apollo, however, had a different take on the story.  Apparently Apollo blames the consumer for being uneducated.  It’s actually a decent point.  Use your brain – if you see a painting on sale that you already have displayed in the Museum, it’s probably a fake!  lol

Later on, Apollo had something more shocking to share.  He decided he wants to leave Shaolin!  Deb was logged in at the time, and she tried to tell him not to leave.  However, he didn’t seem to be very affected by her pleading.  Squirt has also attempted to talk sense into him, but he seems kind of set in his ways.  So I’ll try with Dan and Twinx, but I have a bad feeling about this…

While Deb was logged in, she found Elise standing around looking for a key.  So she started fishing.  Then she accidentally caught a fish that Squirt has been looking for – a Piranha!  She deposited it in the Museum to taunt Squirt.  So far he has yet to catch a Piranha of his own.

Blathers was impressed!
Blathers was impressed!

In other news, new US DLC was released this weekend to celebrate the American holiday “Flag Day.”  I wasn’t really sure what we were going to get.  After much speculation, I decided it will probably be a pattern that you can use as a flag.  So when I logged in on Saturday morning, I wasn’t all that surprised to see Wendell waiting outside of my house, instead of Pete.  He gave me a new design, which is called the Mayor’s flag.  What do you guys think of it?

Its a little creepy if you ask me...
It's a little creepy if you ask me...

I also had heard that there was new Japanese DLC coming this weekend.  I arranged to visit Chibikuro and pick up the new umbrella.  I’m unsure of what the official english translation of the item is.  Sadly, when I went over to Japan, Chokomaru hadn’t yet received the item.  I’ll go by tomorrow and try to catalogue it then.  When I was in Chibikuro, a friend came by that I hadn’t met before – Orange!  I added Orange to my friends list and invited them both over to Shaolin to pick up the Mayor Flag.

The Mayors Flag looks even wierder as a hat!
The Mayor's Flag looks even wierder as a hat!

After they had to leave, I noticed a new message on my Message Board.  Chokomaru loves to write messages in Japanese that I can’t understand!  LOL  Here’s the latest message (translation please!) :

Look, Chokomaru has a blog!
Look, Chokomaru has a blog!

In closing, here’s a bit of gossip that I thought a CERTAIN reader out there might find a bit humorous!

SOMEBODY has a reputation for being FILTHY RICH!  lol
SOMEBODY has a reputation for being FILTHY RICH! lol

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