New Discoveries!

Lately in Shaolin, it’s really started to feel like summer.  It’s been hazy and rainy, with days of bright sunshine and high temperatures in between!  Townies have been out and about, being as social as ever.  Ruby had an especially interesting tidbit of advice for those who are struggling with getting Hybrid flowers to grow:

Ruby explains it all!
Ruby explains it all!

So if you’ve been wondering why hybrids are spawing in one area of your town but not another, check around for weeds or junk lying around!  That could be what is preventing your ‘pretty flowers’ from growing lol!

It’s been raining a lot, as I said before, so sometimes townies want to hang out inside.  Chief set up a specific time to come check out my pad!  I didn’t bother cleaning up, since my Tomb Room is always ready for visitors!  I thought he was going to come in an complain (he is the ‘old grouchy’ type neighbor) about how I didn’t have a table or a bed in the Tomb Room, but apparently he had something else on his mind…

Chiefs perfect woman...
Chief's perfect woman...

Chief was going on and on describing what his ideal woman’s room would look like.  He likes red lipstick, so keep that in mind, ladies!  LOL  Anyway, I’m not the only one who had guests over.  Curly invited me to his house not long after, where he gave me the grand tour of all his bugs and fish.  He claims they are pets, but I have my doubts, based on the names!

Curlys Pets
Curly's "Pets"

Not all the townies invited me over though.  Some of them like to lose their house keys and loiter outside their house, fretting about it instead of actually *looking* for their own key.  Of course, it’s up to me to do the dirty work and fish around in the river until the stupid key is found.  But in the meantime, Ruby was contemplating homelessness…

Why would she move behind Nooks of all places anyway?
Why would she move behind Nook's of all places anyway?

You’d think that she’d want to move into the Town Hall if she was locked out forever.  I mean, it’s a lot more spacious.  Plus, you’d think some of that Town Fund money could be used for a relief effort lol!  😛

Even though it’s been raining a lot, it doesn’t stop the townies from bustin’ chops!

Curlys keepin it real.
Curly's keepin' it real.

Curly said what I’ve been thinking ever since Elise moved in.  Her face is… wierd.  I won’t lie.  But I wasn’t about to say it to her FACE!  Ahh well.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I would like to show you some recent photos of my spring/summer discoveries!

Here Sharky Sharky!
Here Sharky Sharky!
Blathers was very impressed with my Arowana!
Blathers was very impressed with my Arowana!
I finally caught the monstrous Birdwing!
I finally caught the monstrous Birdwing!

Oh, one last thing.  A bit of bad news.  One townie has decided they want to move on, and leave beautiful Shaolin.  I was a little sad to hear about it, but the temptation of getting a new townie, who may or may not be Stitches or a cute kitty, is too much for me lol!  I was just looking at the Prima guide, and the kitties I would want to move in are:  Rosie, Tangy, Moe, Kid Cat, Stinky, Lolly or Ankha.  The last one, Ankha is really cool, she’s gold and looks like she’s straight out of Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  Totally awesome.  I’ll probably get a boring townie but it’s fun to dream!  Until then, we have to say our goodbyes to our dear friend, who’s been living in Shaolin since I started the game back in November…

Hearing the bad news by the pretty waterfall...
I'll miss you, Brocollo!

One thought on “New Discoveries!

  1. Once again I’m jealous of your rain! Doomdoom is always just cloudy. It threatens, but never rains.

    LOL! Poor Chief. Who’s he smitten with? Or has he just conjured up an impossible girlfriend?

    I keep forgetting to hunt for keys when the townsfolk tell me they’re locked out. I’m always fishing in the ocean and not the river. So far none of them seems to have become homeless. I think that there is a fairy keymother or something that returns their keys if you can’t be bothered.

    I saw a shark (or an ocean sunfish) and it got away! My patience or fishing is not so good these days. I wish it would rain or thunder. I hear sharks come out more during thunder storms.

    Good luck with getting a new neighbor. I forgot about anhka. She’s neat looking!

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