It was somewhat exciting today!  It was raining on and off, which is always nice.  I had to go to the city, since I forgot to yesterday.  Redd had some overpriced crap, as always.  I bought the painting, but of course it was a fake.  Then I stopped in at GracieGrace, where I found that big giraffe once again.  I was wearing my Watermelon Hat, Shirt and matching red shoes.  I even had long red hair to match.  However, Gracie wasn’t impressed.  While she liked the matching clothes and shoes, apparently something was wrong with my hair!  And I have no idea what!  Soo… back to the drawing board…

Deb wanted to log in, since there was a new Silver Axe waiting outside her house!  She ran into Rowan on the way, and he asked if his clothing choice was good for the city.  I chose some ambiguous answer in response.  Then Rowan hit me with this:

Fudge It???
Fudge It???

Apparently you can say ‘fudge it’ in a kid’s game.  I find this somewhat shocking!

Anyway, Deb also wanted to go to the city.  I purposely got this Cucumber Pack accessory for Deb, just to see if it is what the Spa outfit requires to be complete.  Earlier this month, Gracie turned Deb away for not having all the necessary items.  This time, I had a feeling things would be different.


Deb passed the test!  So, for the record, the Spa Outfit requires:  a Bathrobe, a Headband, white shoes and the Cucumber Pack.  Never underestimate the power of a matching accessory!!  lol

Phineas was also in the city, so Deb was able to pick up a new balloon.  Since it was nice and sunny, she stayed to chat it up with some of the bustling city dwellers.

That is totally the question!
That is totally the question!

In other news, Squirt has been working painstakingly to get a ton of fish to sell this weekend at the newly dubbed “Fish Market.”  Rowan saw that I was really putting a lot of work into this.

Im glad other people can recognize my AWESOMENESS!
I'm glad other people can recognize my AWESOMENESS!

I figure this plan is fool-proof.  Even if some of the fish don’t get sold during the Fish Market, I can always just sell em back to Nook like always.  I can’t lose!  But I’ll do my best to sell the fish to the townies, cuz they are dumb enough to pay WAY more than what they are worth!  At least, that’s what I’m hoping!  lol

The Fish Market
The Fish Market

And finally, it appears that Pete thinks Squirt is his new BFF.  He keeps confiding lots of valuable information with him!  Lucky for you guys, I can’t keep juicy gossip a secret!  Hehehe!  Pete won’t stop talking about Phyllis.  It’s getting to the point where it’s almost annoying!

Pete and Phyllis sitting in a tree....  K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
Umm, I think he's in denial.

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