It rained this morning!  But then it stopped.  I’m hoping that means I don’t have to water the flowers today.  I watered the hybrids anyway, as always.  Not willing to take the risk of losing them lol!

I was discussing Serena with some fellow ACUKE‘rs in the chat room today and found out that my friend Daisy in Oakwood had a few extra Silver Axes.  My secondary character Deb has been trying to collect all the silver tools, cuz they are more chic.  We decided to do a trade – I’ll give her my extra Silver Rod for the Silver Axe.  She was more than happy, since she hasn’t seen a Silver Rod on sale at Nook’s yet.  I headed to Oakwood for the first time ever!

Oakwood is full of flowers!
Oakwood is full of flowers!

I was impressed with the amount of flower coverage I saw in Oakwood.  Seems like she is just like me, planting flowers all over to get the grass to grow back.  It looks very cute!  She still has Nookington’s, because she likes getting 7 flowers a day.  Can’t say I blame her, but I just can’t say no to late night hours!

Oakwoods Windmill
Oakwood's Windmill

Oakwood also has a very cool Windmill!  I hadn’t seen one in anybody’s town yet, so it was cool to take a look!  I think they look very nice, but I still think I’m going to get a Lighthouse for Shaolin… some day…

Since Ruby had asked for a squid the other day, so she could finish her umm, “mermaid transformation,” I’ve been trying to find one in the ocean.  But it seems to me that whenever a neighbor asks for a specific fish or bug, that fish or bug will suddenly become very elusive, even if they are supposedly common.  I always have trouble finding what my neighbor wants!  So I decided to give it a go in Oakwood instead.  Thankfully, I found one right away!

Silver Axe and Squid!
Silver Axe and Squid!

Feeling full of pride having caught the squid and getting my first Silver Axe, I headed back home.  I went straight to Ruby and gave her the squid, hoping to see a magical transformation from bunny to mermaid.  Or something.  Instead, Ruby took the squid, said thanks, gave me a traffic cone, and walked away.  No mermaids.  I felt so short-changed!  :-p

It was just after 5pm when I got back to Shaolin, so Pete was wandering around delivering letters.  Stitch from Oakwood had already sent me a letter.  How sweet, he misses me already.  Stitches is the cutest townie EVER!  Please come and live here in Shaolin, Stitches!  lol  Anyway, I walked over to see how Pete was doing.  Usually he is too busy to chat, and just tells me that he needs to get going and finish his rounds.  But today, while Pete was loitering outside Bree’s house (which may or may not have a Phyllis name plate crookedly attached thanks to Apollo’s sneaky doings… read one of my previous posts to see what I’m talking about here lol) I got to talk to Pete about something a little more personal.

Since Squirt is a male, Pete decided it was time for some guy talk.  He came right out and asked which girl at the Civic Center was more ‘my type.’  He gave me the choices of Pelly, Phyllis and “They’re both weird.”  I chose the last option, since I would never be interested in dating any pelican, regardless of their personality lol!  Then Pete made a bold declaration:

The cats out of the bag!
The cat's out of the bag!

Well, that settles it.  Pete has a thing for Phyllis.  He tried to dupe me once, and told me that Phyllis wasn’t quite mature enough for him, but apparently it’s not enough to stop true love!  Hehehe!

Anyway, I’ve started collecting fish for the Flea Market this weekend.  I’m going to try the old “Fish Market” technique to see if I can make some cash this weekend!  I want to save up so I can get the Gracie furniture set and a Piggy Bank!  But that will require over 11.5 million bells!  I only have 6.4 million in my bank account.  Well… gotta start somewhere!

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