Back from Hiatus!

Sorry for the extremely long break in posts.  I hope you readers out there haven’t given up on me!  I moved recently to a much better apartment and I’ve just been so busy packing and unpacking.  But things are mostly settled now, so I will try to get you all caught up with what’s been happening in Shaolin!

First of all, I spotted Phyllis and Rowan having a cup of coffee together at the Roost.  Then Phyllis made a comment that made things look pretty bad for Pete and his love interests…

Should I tell Pete?  lol
Should I tell Pete? lol

There was new DLC released in Europe recently.  It was in honor of the new re-release of the game Punch Out!  The game seems pretty fun, and I put it on my GameFly Q to rent in the future.  But the cute new DLC was a wrestling cap (or something like that.)  My European buddy Ifetayo let me come by to catalog the new item.

Punch Out!
Punch Out!

Gossip is always a big thing in Shaolin.  Bree was telling me that she had her eye on a certain someone from Chibikuro…

Oh REALLY, Bree?
Oh REALLY, Bree?

In sadder news, Shaolin is one resident short at the moment.  One of my dear friends, Monique, decided to move away.  Squirt told her not to go.  I should have tried using Deb’s character, since she and Monique were kinda close.  But I forgot to, and she moved away.  Sigh…

The empty spot where Mos house used to be...
The empty spot where Mo's house used to be...

But hopefully a cool new neighbor will move in, and I’ll forget all about my snooty kitty friend!  LOL!

Oh and today is the 1st of June, so don’t forget to get your monthly charm and look for new fish and bugs!  Look for the Emperor butterfly, Agrias butterfly, Birdwing (my personal favorite), Oak Silk Moth, Lantern fly, Darner dragonfly, Violin beetle, Longhorn beetle, Firefly, Rainbow stag, Goliath beetle, Mosquito, Centipede and Tarantula!  It’s summer time, and it’s time to catch all the new bugs!  As far as fish go, the new ones are:  Eel, Giant Snakehead, Piranha, Arowana, Dorado, Gar, Ocean Sunfish, Hammerhead and Shark!  These are fish that Nook pays top dollar for, so get out there and catch em all!

3 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus!

  1. She lives!

    So sad for Pete! Stupid Phyllis is leading him on.

    Now we’ve both lost Monique. I hope you get someone good to replace her. My hippo is a little….toothy. But at least he’s not a duck!

  2. Ha, you’re like the neighbors in A/C! House full of boxes, etc. Congratulation on your new place! No more barking dogs? RSL got me a DSi for my birthday so I’ve been rocking Wild World for a bit. Fun!

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