Week in Review: Mon – Fri

This doesnt look right at all...
This doesn't look right at all...

I know it hurts, Victoria.  It’s tough when you can’t blog as often as you’d like!  I’ve been so busy lately, and there just hasn’t been enough time to blog.  I’ve only been able to play AC for like 20 minutes a day this week, so I haven’t had much to report anyway.  But as always, I’ve been taking a few photos so I can document what’s been going on this week in Shaolin!

There haven’t been any new holidays or DLC releases this week.  The Fishing Tourney is tomorrow, I might participate if I have a bit of time.  The weather has been yucky all week, which might make for some exciting fish catching!

Deb logged in for a bit this week.  She found an Empty Lamp and then forgot to search for Wisp at night.  Not good.  She also saw a mysteriously free-floating present!

Its magical!!
It's magical!!

OK, ok, I kid.  Using my masterful photo taking skills, I took this picture right AFTER Deb shot the balloon, and before the present actually made it’s way to the ground.  It only looks like it was floating in mid-air on it’s own.  But whatever!  I think it had something stupid inside, like a Bird Feeder.  I never get anything good from balloon presents.

Its Ruby, aka Gossip Girl...  lol
It's Ruby, aka Gossip Girl... lol

Ruby was trying to spread a bit of gossip about the owls in the Museum, Blathers and Celeste.  Apparently they are brother and sister.  And apparently Blathers is a jerkface.  LOL!  He’s always been nice to me…  except when he goes HOOORK!!!

Nook, sleeping on the job??  Who does he think he is, Blathers?  LOL
Nook, sleeping on the job?? Who does he think he is, Blathers? LOL

Apparently, Nook was also the focus of some gossip lately.  Chief seems to have discovered Nook in a compromising position – sleeping at work!  Guess Nook hasn’t adjusted well to the new late-night hours.  Maybe that’s why he was asking me if he should switch the hours again.  Lazy Raccoon!  Blathers has a ‘medical’ reason for sleeping during the day, but Nook has no excuse!

I visited the city earlier this week, and found Gracie in her store yet again.  I was hoping to get another positive review, so I could get a discount on buying the rest of the clothing line.  I wasn’t dressed to impress at the time, so I quickly bought the Pleather Vest and went out to get a shoeshine.  The shoeshine ended up not exactly matching, but apparently that’s not what Gracie had a problem with anyway…

I wonder what Im supposed to wear with this...
I wonder what I'm supposed to wear with this...

Apparently the Pleather Vest requires a cute hat or accessory.  But I don’t know what!  I doubt it’s supposed to match the gaudy Gracie hat or sunglasses.  Anyone have any ideas?  I’m clueless…


Oh, and everyone, FYI… Stay clear of Bree!  She has fleas!!!  MUAHAHAHA!

Victoria was talking about moving out of Shaolin.  I tried to talk her out of it, but I think I’ll have to enlist all the Shaolin characters to talk to her and try to reason with her.  She just moved to Shaolin a few weeks ago!  If anyone, I want Broccolo or Curly to leave!  Mostly Curly, cuz Broccolo is really cute.  But I don’t need two mice in town… nor do I want swine flu… lol so I’d prefer Curly or Broccolo or Bree to leave!  Argh!  We’ll see if I can convince Vicky to stay…

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