I woke up pretty early today, and it occured to me that I still don’t quite know the time conversions in Japan, and thought that perhaps it was Boy’s Day already.  In the rain, I walked to the gate (watering flowers as I went along, half of them seemed to be wilted today.  Wah.) to check for Chibikuro.  Sadly, no gates were open.  I decided to open mine, in case Chokomaru was online anyway.

And he was!  He came thru the gates with an extra Carp Banner for me!  Thank you, Chokomaru!  I told him that Vella had already given me one, but he refused to take it back.  My guess is that he has plenty to go around already lol!  Then I noticed his t-shirt…

Kickin it Old School with Run DMC
Kickin it Old School with Run DMC

I thought it was so funny and awesome that he was wearing a Run DMC t-shirt design.  I wonder if he made it himself, or maybe Run DMC is popular in Japan right now?  Perhaps 80’s Rap is really hot right now.  ww!

We toured Shaolin in the rain, stopping to speak to townies as we went.  A lot of them were out and about with their brightly colored umbrellas.  It’s kinda wierd how the townies all walk around in the rain, yet when you talk to them, they are complaining about the weather.  Why not stay in if you don’t like the rain?  Sheesh!

Watering on Chokomaru... look, theres a diving beetle too!
Watering on Chokomaru... look, there's a diving beetle too!

See that diving beetle?  Chokomaru caught that like 2 seconds after this photo was taken.  Good job!

Anyway, the main reason Chokomaru stopped by was to tell me:

  1. That Boy’s Day is tomorrow.
  2. In his area of Japan, they are +13 hours ahead.
  3. He will be opening his gate from 10am-11am (EST) tomorrow, for me to get my Boy’s Day item.

I hope I don’t oversleep again!  ww

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