Normal weekend, I guess.  It rained yesterday, which was nice.  I didn’t have to water anything!  Woot!  But today it was cloudy w/no rain so… poop.

I was supposed to go to Chibikuro on Saturday morning to get the new Japanese DLC, but I was all distracted b/c my bf and I went to go look at a new apt.  Hopefully we’ll move there soon, and then we’d have enough room for me to be on the Wii on one TV, and he could play his Xbox at the same time!  LOL  Anyway, Chokomaru was nice enough to leave a spare Carp Flag (or whatever it’s called lol) with Vella.  She came by later on, to drop it off and try (in vain) to find the coelacanth for Shaolin’s May charm.

Vella... is wearing a Wario stache!
Vella... is wearing a Wario 'stache!

Today, I haven’t had any visitors, yet.  Just doing chores and regular stuff.  I was trying to find Rowan’s lost key that he was moping around looking for, but I didn’t have any luck.  I stopped by Daisy’s house to see how her move was coming along.

Daisys all packed up!
Daisy's all packed up!

I was kinda sad to see all of Daisy’s stuff in boxes.  Part of me was hoping I’d be able to change her mind at the last minute, but I guess she’s already put a down payment on a new house.  😛

There was plenty of gossip going on, as well.  Ruby and Monique were chatting outside of Nooks, and it was kinda funny.  Ruby was talking about her dream guy, and how he’d show up in a golden car and whisk her away.  Monique… wasn’t impressed.  She very rudely told her that she was better off finding her dream guy in a 99 Cent Store!  Harsh, Mo.  Way harsh.

Monique can be very cruel!
Monique can be very cruel!

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