Another sunny day!  I ran into Daisy outside of Nook’s, and she had some shocking news!  She wants to MOVE!

I can’t decide if I should tell her to move away or not.  She’s one of the newer townies… I would rather Curly or Bree move away.  But at the same time, I just finished arranging all the flowers, and a new house might mess it all up!  Decisions…  Ahh, screw it.  The chance of having a cool new townie is too tempting!  It didn’t seem like she had made up her mind yet, so I still could try to change her mind if I decide to change mine lol!

I think Ill pass, Pascal...
I think I'll pass, Pascal...

Ooh Pascal is here today!  Too bad I forgot to bring him a scallop.  I have the Ship set anyway.

Monique wants an Amber.  Riiiiiiight….

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