Got a random letter from Mom today, she’s excited about spring blossoms and al fresco.  I wish I could write back to Mom and tell her how wierd she is lol!

Wow I actually saw a Peacock butterfly today for once!

The confessions keep rolling in...
The confessions keep rolling in...

Bree and Apollo were having a little chat and I listened in.  Apparently Bree was apologizing to him for calling him a “pudding head” on a previous day.  Then Apollo confessed to spreading a rumor that Pete had dumped Bree.  Bree then confessed to throwing fleas on Apollo.   Next, Apollo said he changed the nameplate on Bree’s house to read “Phyllis’s House”.  Now Bree is really pissed off b/c she claimed to have gotten angry letters from Pete because of that.  (You’d think Pete would know who’s house is whose, since he’s the mail carrier.  And where do Pelly and Phyllis live anyway??)

Time to take a break from the townie drama, because it’s Wednesday and that means its time to go to the City!

Phineas on a cloudy day!
Phineas on a cloudy day!

Surprising discovery – Phineas can appear in the city when it’s cloudy!  I thought he only came on sunny days.  I guess it’s just rain or snow that will stop him from showing up!  *takes note* lol

Yay, Phineas gave me a red classic balloon!  Sweet.

I hear ya, Antonio!
I hear ya, Antonio!

Due to the Clearance Sale at GracieGrace, almost everything is Sold Out!  I wonder if the summer line will show up on May 1st?  I’ll have to come back and check.

This week at Redd’s there is a Blue Table, a Scenic Painting and a Classic Desk.  Bought the painting, but then Redd said that I “won’t be sorry for this” so now I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a forgery lol!

Argh, I knew it!
Argh, I knew it!

…And it was.

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