Getting ready for Hide and Seek!
Getting ready for Hide and Seek!

Things are getting pretty stale around here!  Bree invited Deb to play Hide and Seek!  She was excited to try it.  Problem was, she only had 10 minutes to find Bree, Apollo and Rowan.  She found the big guys easily, but that little mouse is still out there hiding somewhere…  Yep, I lost.  lol

I heard that there was new DLC in the UK today – a Flamenco pattern and matching Hat!  My friend Ifetayo had her gates open, so Deb rushed through to get her hands on the new stuff.  Deb copied the flamenco dress pattern onto one of the display umbrellas at Able’s, so you all can come take a copy if you want it!  I think it’s pretty cute!  The hat was catalogued.

Ifetayos Western Theme
Ifetayo's Western Theme

I checked out Ifetayo’s town, since I’d never been there before.  I really liked her Western Theme room!  I’ve been wanting to see what that looks like when it’s all nicely put together.  Two thumbs up!

Now I have the full Flamenco outfit for myself!  Woot!  😛  Thanks Ifetayo!

Flamenco Hat and Dress Pattern!
Flamenco Hat and Dress Pattern!

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