Today is the Flea Market!  I won’t be participating.  In a future Flea Market I will attempt to sell fish but I’m not in the mood today.

Saw Joan walking around town.  Ignored her.  Not interested in letting her suck me into the stalk market!

I’ve arranged most of the flowers around Shaolin.  I ran out of certain types so I had to half-ass it a little along some paths.  Eventually it will all be perfect, I hope!

This afternoon I have to go babysit my bf’s nephews so I won’t be around much.  Sorry folks!  Can’t spend all day playing AC and writing blogs!  😛

2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Now I have another day to catch up on! I was supposed to get home today, but ended up staying one extra day in SLC. Hopefully I will get to play tomorrow…but after the drive I might wait until Tuesday to try and catch up.

    Still breeding my team…

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