Woo hoo, it’s the weekend!  Time to hit up the city AGAIN!  This time to try and bid on something at the Auction House… and also to get yet another haircut.  Gonna try green hair this time!

Decided to check the HRA Model Room.  Chokomaru’s Mario Room is gone… but he still has the Model Room!  Now his Robo Room is being featured.  I think Lyle has a crush on Chokomaru…. ww!

I hadn’t gone in GracieGrace in a while, so I stopped in there too.  Half the furniture is sold out!  It’s so wierd when that starts happening, the store looks messed up without the full furniture set in the back!  But, this is a good thing… because that means the summer seasonal items will be out soon!  Yay!  That’s the one set of stuff I don’t have yet.

Wow.  Not ONE person other than myself has anything displayed in the Auction this weekend.  😦

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