Another hum-drum sunny day.  I think it’s time for a little change of pace!  Time to visit the city, get a new hairstyle, maybe a shoe-shine… maybe even a fortune from Katrina.

Oops, I went to Shampoodle’s and realized my wallet was almost empty!  Gotta hit up the ABD…

I opted for blue hair in crazy pigtails for now.  The wierd, third pigtail is being obscured by a hat so it’s fine lol.  I was trying to decide between blue and green hair.  I wanted something that matches the Canucks Jersey I decided to start wearing, since they are in the NHL playoffs.  I suppose I could have worn the Devils jersey, since my bf loves that team… but uh… whatever.  :-p

Katrina’s fortune seems pretty good:

How about this!  I can see the Gemini twins having a jolly good time…  It looks like things could not be better between them…  It’s a glorious, heartwarming scene.  If only this feeling of joy could never end…  The stars surrounding you shine down with a soothing, gentle light.  As they shine upon you, they illuminate a gentleness and universal appeal.  During this shining time, you will garner support, especially from those who share your gender.  Just remember that the way you see the world may have little to do with how the world sees you…  That is all.

Ahh, the boring Friend Fortune.  I guess that’s a good thing.

Here’s a handy tool that might be useful to you readers out there – it’s a computer application that is a Catalog for AC:CF!  It was made by a fellow ACUKE member, Herman.  There’s a PC and a Mac download available.  It can be very helpful if you’re looking to see what you need to complete your catalog, and can be used as a quick reference!  Here’s the link:

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