Tuesday – MY BIRTHDAY!

I’m gonna post as much as I can before I have to go out and do birthday things in RL.

Most of Deb’s spa stuff has arrived, so I’ll be able to get that set up today!  Yay!

Tom Nook is asking me about the store again.  I like it the way it is!  Nook N Go works for me!  I much prefer the late night hours to having a variety of stuff on sale.  It’s not like the silver tools show up any more frequently in a larger store!  Besides, I have all the furniture you can possibly get from Nook, so it’s not like I need him to be displaying a lot of items every day.  We love you just the way you are – Nook in a little hat with pinstripes!

Yay, Rover wished me a happy birthday!  Hopefully one of the townies will give Deb a cake…

Monique is being nice for a change!
Monique is being nice for a change!

Aww, Monique gave Deb a present!  How did she know that she was my favorite kitty in town?  (Well, she’s the only kitty in town… but I still luv her!)  I knew she only liked girls.  That’s why Monique is so mean to Squirt, lol!  But i guess Deb is fashionable enough to be a bosom buddy of Monique’s hehe!  Mom sent 5K bells  in the mail.  Nice, thanks Mom!  (My RL Mom is playing hooky from work today to take me out to lunch!  Thanks, real Mom!  lol)

Shakes the letter... nope, no bells attached lol!
Shakes the letter... nope, no bells attached lol!

Interesting… Deb also got a couple of ‘birthday cards’ in the mail from townies.  Namely Bree and Apollo.  But there are no gifts attached!  Who sends birthday cards with no gifts?  Sheesh.

But of course, the most exciting birthday stuff was from Squirt, who dropped off all the Spa furniture Deb needs for the Spa Room!  It’s almost complete!  Look how cute!


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