Wednesday – Nature Day!

Its Nature Day!
It's Nature Day!

How thrilling!  Today is Earth Day… ahem, I mean, Nature Day.  It’s not a big holiday, but Tortimer is giving out a Cool Globe infront of the Town Hall.  It’s pretty nice looking!  Better than the other globe, anyway…

Chokomaru was very excited to come by and get the new item.  I guess they don’t have Nature Day in Japan!  He wanted to get extras for his wife and friends, so I left the gates open so he could run back and forth to my town!  I think he was getting sick of Tortimer towards the end… ww!

Chokomaru is NOT being very respectful to the mayor ww!
Chokomaru is NOT being very respectful to the mayor ww!

I gave Chokomaru a tour of the new rooms I had set up.  Of course I was especially excited to show him the Spa Room, since he had just sent me the Bath Tile I needed to complete it.  Either he was very impressed, or very polite lol!  I showed him the basement of Deb’s house, where the new birthday cake was on display.

Yay for birthdays!
Yay for birthdays!

Chokomaru had an unexpected present for me!  I didn’t ask him for anything… but suddenly he dropped something at my feet.  I picked it up without even looking.  When I read what the leaf said, I got so excited – it was a METROID!  I don’t know how he got an extra (I won’t ask questions… lol) but I happily took it to my house and set it up in the Outer Space room!  It definintely adds a good touch to that room, especially since the noise it makes is perfect ambient noise for that room.  THANK YOU CHOKOMARU!!!  YAYYYY!!!  ww

Cool new Metroid thing!
Cool new Metroid thing!

What a great Nature Day it was!

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