Ack!  I was SUPER busy yesterday and didn’t even get a chance to turn the game on.  Sorry everyone!

Anyway, thanks to the kindness of Chokomaru and Bam Bam, I now have TWO Red Bunny Balloons!  HOORAY!!!!  Thank you so much!  I wonder why Phineas was holding out on me…

It’s raining again.  Yes!  No watering today!

I’ve really been working hard on arranging my flowers in an orderly and hopefully hybrid-friendly fashion.  Unfortunately, I have hundreds of flowers and it’s taking a LONG time.  I think I have finished the higher level areas of town.  Now I have to work on the southern side of Shaolin.  It’s really an annoying process!  But it looks much cuter when everything is nicely arranged, so it will be worth it, I hope!

Not much to update right now.  I suppose it would be nice to let you all know that my birthday is on Tuesday!  When I’m home, I’ll open my gates incase anyone wants to come by and give me a present (hint hint!).  I’ll probably be in and out all day though, with people taking me out to lunch and dinner and whatnot!  🙂

One thought on “Sunday

  1. Happy Birthday! Turns out Phineas was holding out on me, too. But he gave Bamette a red balloon right away! I guess if you’re a guy playing as a girl you can get a red balloon…? This game is so random.

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