The Egg Set on display at Twinxs!
The Egg Set on display at Twinx's!

Today was sort of a clean up day now that the excitement of Bunny Day is over.  Candy is strewn everywhere.  Spare furniture items lying around by the Town Hall.  Time to clean up Shaolin!

Sweet, I just made 150K bells by selling off extra pieces of the Egg Set.  I could have worked harder and gotten the full set for each character, and then sold ALL that but I was a little too lazy heheh!

I started a long, tedious project today.  I’m going to ORGANIZE the hundreds of flowers around town.  Group them by type and color.  Make things look a little more orderly.  And then of course, hopefully more hybrids will grow!  It’s going to take a while before I’m finished though…

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