So sorry I didn’t post yesterday!  I’ve been slacking off I guess.  What with finishing my taxes and Pokemon Platinum being at my fingertips… I guess I forgot.  Not much was going on in Shaolin anyway.  I watered flowers and that was it lol.

Today, however is Wednesday!  And it’s also the 15th, and supposedly there is DLC for the US.  Chokomaru sent me a letter saying that the DLC is 1000 bells.  Ha ha, funny Nintendo.  But I didn’t get anything.  Pete was not loitering outside, I checked the Town Hall and nothing is going on.

OK, that’s not true!  Something is going on – Shaolin’s first THUNDERSTORM!  You can’t see any lightning but you can hear thunder and see the ground light up.  I went inside to see how the lightning would look from inside the dark Tomb Room.  It looks kinda cool!

No, thats not sunlight!
No, that's not sunlight!

All right, time to check out the shady deals at Crazy Redd’s!  This week we have a Blue Lava Lamp, a Worthy Painting, and a White Pawn.  I like to check out the insane prices.

The Worthy Painting was real!  Hooray!

Such a Worthy Painting!
Such a Worthy Painting!

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