Sunday – BUNNY DAY!

It’s BUNNY DAY!  I know, I know… all that talk about not missing a day of blogging earlier in the week, and then I totally flaked out yesterday and didn’t post anything.  I just got Pokemon Platinum and it’s been friggin AWESOME.  But enough of that.  TODAY IS BUNNY DAY!

Its Bunny Day!
It's Bunny Day!

That’s not to say I didn’t play yesterday.  I did!  I went to Potville to see Rachel and her wonderously hacked town.  And I picked up a new path pattern, it’s stones!  I turned them blue and put them everywhere, in preparation for BUNNY DAY!

Zipper keeps muttering!
Zipper keeps muttering!

There is a big yellow bunny dancing around Town Hall!  He says his name is Zipper T. Bunny.  I’m pretty sure it’s really Lyle in that costume, with the way he keeps muttering things under his breath.  So now I have to look for cracks in the ground all over town!  Let the digging begin!

Here’s how Bunny Day works:

  1. Talk to Zipper T. Bunny.
  2. Dig up cracks in the ground and find colorful eggs.
  3. Open the eggs by clicking on them, revealing what’s hidden inside.
  4. If there is a piece of gold foil with a bunny face on it, you have won a prize!
  5. Take the foil tickets to Zipper T. Bunny to get your reward!
  6. You can have several tickets in your pocket at once, it’s not like Saharah.  He won’t steal all the foil in your pocket just for one furniture item.  It’s easy, just trade one for one!  And so far I’ve gotten no repeats, so that makes life a lot easier!
  7. Every character gets to play for an Egg Set!  JOY!

I wish there was confetti in the air!  Wah.  It doesn’t feel holiday-ish enough!  The music isn’t even different.

Am I spoiling the magic?
Am I spoiling the magic?

Jake stopped by.  He had sent me a nice little Easter letter that I got this morning.  I was too busy fretting around trying to find the Egg Bed that I didn’t get to hang out too much with him.

Jake and I are happy bunnies!
Jake and I are happy bunnies!

Eventually Twinx did find the Egg Bed, which completed my new Egg set!  She put the set in the main room of her house, moving the boring old Pave furniture upstairs.  The Snowman set is officially put away!  I’ll post a pic of the new Egg set later on.

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