Ahh the quiet Friday before the weekend of festivities!  I’m very excited today.  I’m excited to start the Fishing Tourney (I think I’ll let a different character win this time) and of course I’m thrilled for Bunny Day!  As someone who never really got to celebrate Easter much (umm hence the whole Passover thing from Weds lol) I think it’s especially fun and exciting!  And I love the egg-shaped furniture set!  It’s so cute!

Today it is raining!  Yes!  I love the rain.  Water my plants for me rain…

Katie sent me her Thank You letter.  Attached was an Apple TV.  I already HAVE that…  blah….

Ruby just asked for Aqua Furniture?  What?  Does that mean it’s blue, or that it contains water?  Great, now I have to look it up lol.

Well, I’m already over the whole Toad outfit thing.  I bought a sombrero and ordered the reggae shirt, but the shirt’s not here yet so I just threw on the New Years 2009 shirt.  It makes my long green hair look really stupid, so I decided to go to Shampoodle’s.  I think I’ll get red hair this time.  But I’ll let her choose the style…  Maybe that was a mistake.  Now I’ve got a short little emo cut with bright red hair.  It’s like the same red as my cheeks!  Yuck, it looks stupid.  Oh well, guess I’ll be back tomorrow lol!  I also went to Kicks to see what he would add to this fashion disaster.  He gave me blue shoes.  Perfect lol.

Phineas is in the city too.  He gave me an orange bunny balloon… again.  Sigh.  He only gives me purple and orange balloons!  If anyone has any extra of a DIFFERENT color, I’d love for you to send one to me!  Preferably red!

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