No rain.  No special visitors (as far as I can tell.)  I haven’t even seen Kaitlin today, so maybe she’s given up and started making “Have you seen this child?” milk carton ads.  Oh wait, I talked to Booker and she’s still around apparently.  Not for much longer, I hope!  Considering there’s no sign of her lost kitten in Doomdoom, even though Kaitlin swears that’s where she lost her.

Caught a guppy.  Woo.  Broccolo traded me a Round Carpet for it.

How many days til Bunny Day?  LOL

Well, I shouldn’t forget that while it’s not a ‘holiday’ per se, Vella is having a party on Monday, to celebrate Ohanami (aka the Cherry Blossom Festival).  It should be fun, and then when that’s over it’s just a short wait until Bunny Day!  Yay for holidays and celebrations!

In the afternoon, I heard word that a town in the UK called Phoenix was open because K.K. Slider was performing!  Phoenix is where my friend Jake lives, although it’s been ummm rebuilt a few times recently.  I decided to pop on over and check out the show.  Vella was there, and so was our new friend Bella!  Vella and I were very excited to get an up-close look at K.K.

I can see his nosehairs... lol
I can see his nosehairs... lol

After a while, K.K. needed a break so we decided to go on a little vacation to Higarden.  Vella told us that it was August 1st in her magical town, so we rushed over to enjoy all the exotic fish and bugs!  Upon our arrival and noticing that Tortimer was at the Town Hall, we realized that there was going to be a Fireworks display!  How cool!  We rushed to stock up on Roman Candles and then ran down to the beach to get a nice view.

How pretty!
Yay Fireworks!

As you can see, Aya made an appearance in Higarden!  We were very happy to see her.  And I finally remembered to give her the Lovely End Table that I’ve been saving for her lol!  Aya told us that her town was covered in pink trees now.  I really had to see it for myself, so I went back to the east coast to visit Seporen.  The trees were soo pretty and pink!  I wish Shaolin was this nice lol!

Pretty pink paths!
Pretty pink paths!

And I’d just like to add, in RL news… I finally bought an SD Card Reader!  I got it at Target for $4.99!  I am shocked.  It’s an “Ohm SDHC Multi-Card Reader/Writer.”  Best five bucks I ever spent!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. 5 bucks!? OH WOW. GOOD JOB Debbie!
    It was fun hanging out with you guys today. I loved the part where you and Jake were burning each other’s feet :p It was so fun that I actually forgot I was still sick…ahah. And again, thank you for getting the lovely end table for me. I owe you tons!! If you need my help “designing” your sand garden, please let me know 🙂

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