So… where are all the April Showers?  I’ve been forced to water my hundreds of flowers by hand and it sucks!  Did anyone get a Katrina charm that ‘prevents flowers from wilting’?  I could really use one of those right now…

Whoa, a Jacobs Ladder?
Whoa, a Jacob's Ladder?

I went around watering everything, and I spotted… a Jacob’s Ladder?  Wow, is my town accidentally perfect?  How is that possible, when I have like 20 things just laying on the ground by the gate?  Not to mention all the crap at the Town Hall.  I thought you had to clean up after yourself to get a perfect town?  LOL I dunno anymore…

Yet ANOTHER black tulip has spawned, which makes that corner of Shaolin the OFFICIAL BLACK TULIP SPAWNING ZONE.  😛

I decided to move the new Jacob’s Ladder to the rest of the group that I was saving.  When I went to the area by the museum where I was saving all the others, I came upon a shocking discovery.  THEY ARE ALL GONE!  Either they all died overnight or someone stole them!  Who would do such a thing???  😦  If somebody stole them, please bring them back!  Meanies.

When I saw Doomdoom’s gates open, I immediately went over to interrogate Vella.  JK!  I know she wouldn’t do such a thing.  I acutally wanted to pick up some stuff Chokomaru had dropped off for me!  He’s so nice!  I got my own set of the new Japanese DLC – a School Hat?  Or something?  And a matching pattern?  It looks like a police man/military type thing.  I’m gonna call it the Police Academy outfit.  It looks really cute, regardless.

We look so cute in matching uniforms!  lol
We look so cute in matching uniforms! lol

I also heard that there will be new DLC coming to America when the DSi is released.  They already got it in Europe, since the DSi was released there today.  For some reason they are making the US wait until Sunday, I believe it is….?  Anyway, I can’t wait to get it – it’s a DS Couch!  It’s a couch, but it looks like a DS.  It’s really cute.  I want my own!  😛

3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. gluxbox

    It’s really quite a mystery. I don’t exactly know if they were stolen or if I really neglected them and they all died. I just don’t think flowers will die all at the same time. But why would someone steal the Jacob’s Ladders? I had other hybrids nearby and they are fine. What kinda wierdo steals flowers? I can’t even wrap my head around this lol…

  2. I am sorry to hear about the Jacob’s Ladders 😦 I wonder why would all of them die at the same time or someone steal them… Let me know if you need any, I will bring couple of them for you. By the way, my friend told me that it’s best to keep the Jacob’s Ladder in your house or drawer so that they will bloom more often.

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