Pretty boring, normal day so far.  I get all excited when there’s an event (altho April Fool’s Day isn’t the most exciting holiday), and then when it’s gone I’m just counting the days until the next one.  Luckily, Bunny Day is on April 12th so there’s not long to wait!

Since not much is going on, I’ve been thinking of writing up some guides, as I mentioned in a previous post.  Here are the ideas I have so far:

  • Guide to Cloning
  • City Guide (almost complete, check it out!)
  • Grass Guide

Aaaand that’s all I’ve got so far.  I know there are guides to the city already out there, but I hate navigating through those GameFAQ text files.  Mine will be better!  If there’s anything else that you think I should write a guide about (except Serena because I don’t think anyone has figured that bitch out yet lol!) post a comment and let me know!  Thanks!

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