Pink Trees Yay!
Pink Trees Yay!

It’s April!  Some trees have PINK leaves!  It’s so cute!  Mom sent a letter saying she’d thought of a great prank to play on me, but Dad talked her out of it.  Thanks, Dad!  lol

Tortimer just tried playing a prank on me.  He went on this whole shpiel about how he doesn’t think it’s right to have a day when ‘it’s ok to lie.’  Fair enough.  Then he FAKED handing me a gift and started laughing.  Then he said “HA APRIL FOOLS!  IT WAS A LIE!”  Glad to know even the Mayor has high moral standards… NOT!  And he gave me what LOOKS like a piece of furniture, but it’s really just a plain old boring leaf.  Gee, thanks Tortz.

Ha ha, Tortz.
Ha ha, Tortz.

I tried to play a prank on Tortz by burying a pitfall seed and pushing him onto it.  But I guess he’s too fat or something, cuz he wouldn’t fall in, even when he was standing right on the crack!  No fair…

Aya and me are posing!  You can kinda see her blonde head lol!
Aya and me are posing! You can kinda see her blonde head lol!

In the afternoon, I stopped over at Seporen to give Aya the rest of the stuff I had ordered for her.  Her town looked so cute with the pink trees, some of her paths were completely lined with pink!  It was the cutest thing ever!  🙂  I told Aya about all the carpets and wallpapers I had lying around in Shaolin, so we hurried back so that she could pick some stuff up.  Sadly for her, she fell for one of the April Fools Pitfalls I had set up!  Victoria was wandering around by the Town Hall, and Aya told me that in Japanese, Victoria’s name is St. Allo.  Umm… what?  That name makes no sense ww!

April Fools, Aya!  wwwww
April Fools, Aya! wwwww

Later on, a new friend named Keri came by and she took a few ‘goodies’ away with her as well.  Yes, I’m finally getting rid of this clutter of carpets and wallpapers lol!  Vella and Jed stopped by, and Vella told me that her new monthly charm is to pick 7 weeds.  What???  That’s crazy!  It reminded me that I needed to catch a bus to the city and find out my new charm!  And check out Redd’s shop!

Oops, I got my fortune by accident.  It was a ‘nothing’ fortune, sooo whatever.

I have revealed for you a hidden charm that helps you obtain ancient rewards…  Yesss…  You must catch a peacock in Shaolin…  This is Shaolin’s April charm…  However, it will have no effect if YOU perform this charm…  It must be performed by a visitor from another town, and it may be that only THEY reap the charm’s reward!

Great, a peacock butterfly?  Good luck with that, people!  I usually only find one or two a day, if at all!

Now, off to Redd’s.  Today he’s selling a Quaint Painting, a Baby Bed, and a Tape Deck!  Redd claimed he could count the number of Tape Decks available in the world, implying that it was a rare piece.  And then he tried to sell it to me for 1,400 bells!  Are you kidding me?  Nook gives those away for FREE.  I ran out of the shop before he could con me into making a ridiculous purchase!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Hehehe you made me want to buy Wii Speak today :p
    Thank you again for giving me so many good stuff today. I appreciate your help! Now I can work on the “authentic” Japanese room 🙂

    You tricked me TWICE today!! GRRR I wasn’t careful enough to find those pitfalls >< I took the embarassing pictures so I will post them on my blog :p

  2. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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