Wahh it’s not raining, lol!  I threw all of the carpets and wallpapers infront of Town Hall and organized them by name and what they match.  There’s gotta be like 60 items strewn about here.  Deb is gonna try to sell them this afternoon using her fresh and unused Friend List.

Went to the city to get my shoes fixed.  Kicks was there, thankfully.  After that I was feeling a little bored, so I decided to take in a show I hadn’t seen at the Marquee:  Bashfulness.  And what do you know, Master Frillard will be performing this one!  I kept the new emotion, replacing Laugher.  Hopefully I won’t regret that move!  (Of course, after I took a picture of him, the Wii decided to stop recognizing my SD card.  Guess I’ll email this photo to myself and hope the Wii stops being a brat.)

Master Frillard being Bashful!
Master Frillard being Bashful!

I’ll post more later, when I’m not busy selling off all these carpets and wallpapers.

Just a few thoughts – I’ve been trying to decide if I should post a Guide to Cloning here on my blog.  If you think I should, leave a comment saying so!  Or if there is a guide to something else that you’d like to see, suggest it!  I want my blog to be educational as well as gossip lol!

Meet Victoria!
Meet Victoria!

WHOA!  As Deb was organizing things for selling purposes, she was strolling along and spotted – a house?  I guess that means the new neighbor is already here!  Victoria, and she looks like a race horse!  I mean, sure Savannah was a horse (well, zebra) too but Victoria seems much cooler already!  She just looks cooler.  AND she didn’t mess up any important gardens or pathways with her house.  So she’s cool in my book!  lol

Here’s a few photos from my recent trip to my friend Rachel’s (formerly known at Bubbzi) Hacked AC Paradise:

Its Rachel, the wizard of Potville!
It's Rachel, the wizard of Potville!
A Money Tree Grove!
A Money Tree Grove!
Look, its a house in the lake.
Look, it's a house in the lake.

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