Pretty normal so far today.  No rain, so I went around and watered every flower I could find.  Aya had posted in her blog that if you water all the flowers every day, you are more likely to get hybrids.  It’s been working for me, I saw a fourth black tulip yesterday, and there was a purple tulip today.  Soooo yeah!  Water all the flowers and you’ll get hybrids!

There is a Royal Crown on sale at the Able Sister’s Shop today.  I don’t have 1.2 million bells to spend on this, but if YOU do, let me know and I’ll open up the gates for you to buy it!  🙂

Don’t forget – today is Sunday, so that means there’s still time to get to the city and place a bid at the Auction House.  Look for my Kadomatsu on display (if you’re on my friends list lol), it’s a rare Japanese item so if you don’t have any Japanese friends, this is your chance to get something cool!  It’s bamboo!  What’s not to like?  LOL

I bought some red turnip seeds from Joan and planted it in the rose garden next to the house.  Hopefully I won’t forget about it if it’s there!  If I keep it out of sight, I end up forgetting about it and wasting money.

Here’s some photos from my trip to Plaahaus in the afternoon:

Bubbles with Subi and Jake!
Bubbles with Subi and Jake!
Subi is shocked to have so many friends over at once!  lol
Subi is shocked to have so many friends over at once! lol

2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Hey, meant to tell you I got an apple tv from Katie/Kaitlin. Gave it to Bam-Bam. Wii is acting up a little. Got the message about system files being corrupted so going to send to Nintendo. Hope the whole ordeal is as speedy as yours was.

  2. gluxbox

    So sorry to hear about your Wii! I’m in NY so I think that’s why my repair was so fast. Hopefully there’s a repair center in your state too! Fingers crossed!

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