O Glorious Day!  It’s raining!  And best of all, I have a farewell letter from Savannah in my mailbox!  She is gone, she is GONE!  *Does a happy dance!* Now my only worry is… where will the new house arrive next week?  It better not ruin any of my pathways or gardens!

I like his frantic calls for his key.
I like his frantic calls for his key.

Aww, poor Rowan is locked out in the rain!  I keep trying to find his key in the river but no such luck yet.  Aha, I’ve got it!  Rowan was so happy, he decided to go right inside and dry off.  I got a picture of him entering his dark house, it looks a little creepy if you ask me!

Creepy Rowan
Creepy Rowan

I checked the gate and Aya’s gate was open!  Her new town Seporen is being built right now, and she had many beautiful patterns on the ground!  I brought her one of my Shoji Screens and a red carnation as a ‘house warming’ present.  It’s funny, she has Grizzly and Rowan in her town too!  It kinda made me miss Grizzly… I did like him.  But when he wanted to move on, I didn’t stop him lol!  Anyway, Aya’s town is Japanese so she told me that Grizzly’s name in her game is Muu.  And Rowan’s name is Gomez!!!  I was like, wow Rowan is supposed to be hispanic?  That’s awesome!  They should have kept his name as Gomez.  I’m gonna start calling him Gomez.  Next time he asks for a greeting, I’m gonna write “Hi, I’m Gomez!” LOL.

I took some touristy photos of the cute design patterns in Seporen.

Seporens Town Hall
Seporen's Town Hall
The Canadian Flag!
The Canadian Flag!

Later on, Jed came by to pick up some Japanese items I’d ordered for him.  Then, Jake came by and even later Pal entered!  I hadn’t seen Pal in ages, so I was very excited to show her how much Shaolin has changed.  She was very impressed w/the grass, especially since she hadn’t been to Shaolin since the winter time, back when I had very little snow coverage.  Now my town is covered in flowers and some grass, hooray!  We took some photos, and then Pal revealed she’d been drinking some wine and suddenly she was running around bare chested!  LOL I will upload the pics asap, you gotta see it to believe it!  It was hilarious!

Jed and Jake seem to be hiding!
Jed and Jake seem to be hiding!
Pal is bearing it all!  LOL
Pal is bearing it all! LOL
Deb being serenaded by K.K. Slider
Deb being serenaded by K.K. Slider

3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. OH WOW, you are fast!

    Again, thank you so much for coming to my new town today. It was nice showing you around because I have been working pretty hard recently to get my town look “non-empty” town :p

    I loved your house warming gifts! They are absolutely rare and something I never had in old town before. Thank you!

    I am looking forward to having you again and also visiting your town again too 🙂


  2. textdrivebys

    do neighbors move when ya ignore them?
    i didn’t check the bulletin board one day and forgot to wish a neighbor a happy birthday and a few days later she moved out lol

  3. gluxbox

    LOL @ Aya… I had started the blog before I visited your town, and then I just added the part about visiting you when I left. So I suppose the turnaround was pretty quick, for your reading pleasure! lol Too bad I’m not nearly as fast when it comes to uploading photos…

    Rain: yes they do move out if you ignore them! That’s why people get upset if they time-travel, only to find out half the neighbors moved away. Somehow, I think some ‘personality types’ of neighbors are different than others – some types need more attention, some are fine with minimal attention. Sometimes they will move for no apparent reason at all. They usually warn you, by asking you if they should move away or not. If you like the character, plead with them to stay. Send them letters with presents attached and always visit their house or talk to them when you see them pass by. If they are already packed up in their house, sometimes you can try to convince them to stay by talking to them at that point.

    Luckily for me, I wanted Savannah to leave. I was terrible to her, I pushed her around town all the time, I rejected any favor she asked me to do, and I gave her a greeting of “MOVE AWAY” so I think she got the hint! And no, I don’t feel bad about being mean. It’s just a videogame lol! 😛

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