First thing this morning – Ruby and Bree are talking about me behind my back!  They were saying something about Sizzly S (my nickname lol) and when they saw me they were all like ‘Oh we were just wondering… um… how you were this morning!”  Yeah right Ruby, I see right through that!  I wonder what they were gossiping about.


Not too much going on this morning, so I went to check the gate.  My buddy Matt from Humburg was online!  I hadn’t seen him in a while so I hurried through the gates.  Matt’s town was looking great, tons of grass!  He said he hadn’t played in a while because he got a PS3 recently.  But he missed AC so he came back, only to find out that half the flowers died!  I love how this game punishes you for not playing for long periods of time lol!

Or should I say, Dr. Matt?
Or should I say, Dr. Matt?

Oh, and the townies wanted to give me a new nickname: Pop Star.  It’s cute, but Twinx already has that nickname!  I’m not letting Squirt be a nickname copycat!  I input a custom nickname instead:  Big Tuna.  It’s a reference from The Office, when Jim brings a tuna sandwich to work and Andy decides to call him Big Tuna from then on.  I think it’s perfect!  😛

Sometime after 3PM, the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrived.  Subi (aka Russell) came through the gates, followed by that pesky little kitten, Katie!  Finally the cat family is reunited.  No more unfit mothers prowling around Shaolin.  Hope you get something good, Subi!  Let me know what prize they send you, I’m curious.  I showed him around, and we checked out all the houses.  Then Subi discovered the greatest thing:



I also made a discovery of my own:  A Peacock Butterfly!  Finally one has arrived in Shaolin!  Guess they were just taking their time to migrate on over…

Yay for Peacock Butterflies!
Yay for Peacock Butterflies!

More friends came by as well, Jake and a new friend Rain!  It’s great when new people stop by, I get to give the Shaolin Tour again!  🙂

The gangs all here!
The gang's all here!

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