As usual, I won the Fishing Tourney yesterday. I caught a 46.5 inch Sea Bass! What am I gonna do with all these trophies? My basement is getting full!  Oh, and poor Dan didn’t get a cake from anyone in town.  😦  But Mom sent him some birthday love with 5,000 bells attached!  Thanks Mom!

Chokomaru is back!
Chokomaru is back!

I signed on later on at night, and who did I run into but my friend Chokomaru! I had just received a letter from him, with new Japanese DLC attached – a tokonoma! It’s some sort of scroll with a poem on it. I just put it in my closet for now – I have no room to set up all my nice Japanese furniture! I should probably upgrade Deb’s house so she can showcase it.

Chokomaru burst into tears upon seeing the Famous Painting lol!
Chokomaru burst into tears upon seeing the Famous Painting lol!

My friend Pablo also came by and he took a set of Modern furniture off my hands. I hate too much clutter, I’m trying to do some spring cleaning! Unfortunately while we were playing, I had to put the game on hold because in real life some weird stuff was going on outside my house. Some people were screaming at each other in the street and the cops had to come by! So, I apologize for any inconvenience lol! I live in NYC, stuff like this is bound to happen sometimes! 😛

I forgot to mention this before but Kaitlin, the unfit mother, has been wandering around Shaolin muttering about her daughter. Apparently Kaitlin lost her kitten in Plaahaus, and needs to find her! Bam Bam, you have to bring Katie here! Honestly though, I think I should inform the gatekeepers (probably Copper, he’s much more professional) about this so called “mother.” They seem to be authority figures, maybe they can get in touch with Shaolin Child Services lol!

Anyway, today is the Flea Market. I put away my Tomb Room and displayed a bunch of junk that was in my closet. I don’t like how the townies barely buy anything from you in AC:CF. They certainly won’t shell out the bells for a fossil, so don’t bother! (At least they haven’t for me…) It’s funny though, a lot of the residents kept talking about how weak the bell was in this economy, and they were glad to have found some good deals! I guess the AC world is suffering from the recession as well? LOL

Ok... DJ Stepladder... ?
Ok... DJ Stepladder... ?
Too bad I didnt make many sales...
Too bad I didn't make many sales...

3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. The Flea Market is definitely a little wonky in CF. I have the best luck selling fish…selling stringfish for 44,000 then buying them back for 15 and re-selling them to somebody else is what helps pay off my mortgage.

  2. I tried to take Katie to her mom but apparently we were never online at the same time on Saturday. Come Sunday… Little kitten was nowhere to be found. Do you only get a day to get them reunited?

    1. gluxbox

      No, don’t worry! I believe they give us a week to coordinate! I think Katie disappeared because of the Flea Market. I have Kaitlin back in Shaolin today, so if you are around this afternoon try to bring her by! I’ve been leaving my gates open for ya every time I’ve played since she showed up, so I’m sure we’ll reunite them soon! 🙂

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