Its the Grand Re-Opening of Nook N Go!
It's the Grand Re-Opening of Nook 'N Go!

It’s a pretty boring Monday here in Shaolin.  Kaitlin is back, asking for Katie once again.  She’ll be here soon, hopefully!

Well the conspiracy seems to be over.  Things have pretty much gone back to normal.  There’s a few new hybrids today – an orange rose and a black tulip.  (The tulip appeared on the lower level, next to the cliff where the original black tulip was.  I think it’s so funny how ‘seeds’ can ‘drop’ to the area below if you put flowers on a cliff!)

The townies didn’t buy much of my stuff yesterday.  The best sale of the day was Bree buying the Ivory Piano for 2000 bells, so obviously I didn’t make a lot of money lol!  I don’t even know why I bothered.  Maybe next time I’ll do an exclusive Fish Market and only put fish on sale, since animals looooove to buy those!

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