Curly is sick this morning.  I have a feeling he may have been sick yesterday and I just ignored him.  LOL Oh well, I’ll get him medicine today.

I went to Able’s Shop to see if anything seemed… different.  And it did!  I went to Sable and she started saying weird stuff:

Able Sisters Conspiracy Pt. 1
Able Sisters Conspiracy Pt. 1

Sable: Aww, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to see me like this.  Even Mabel isn’t her usual self.  Honestly, we have enough in common as it is…  But it’s times like these when you really have to step it up!


Able Sisters Conspiracy Pt. 2
Able Sisters Conspiracy Pt. 2

Mabel:  Sigh…  Ohhh, it’s really nothing.  Don’t worry about it.  I just got a letter from someone from my past.  It got me thinking about old times, that’s all.  Really, it’s no big deal!  Now it’s time to get back to work!  

Able Sisters Conspiracy Pt. 3
Able Sisters Conspiracy Pt. 3

Sorry, I probably messed up Sable’s first few lines cuz I wasn’t writing them down.  But now I know – the conspiracy theory has begun in Shaolin!  I’m excited to learn more.  I remember Daisy was hinting about all this about a month ago.  Interesting…

There are reports that a Meteor Shower will be seen in the sky tonight.  Squirt caught a honeybee and donated it to the Museum.  Hooray!

OK, I think I convinced Bree to stay.  It’s only a matter of time before Savannah or Daisy volunteers to leave, right?

PM Turnips are selling for 199.  That’s not that bad.  

Squirt decided to check the gate.  Pal’s town Cairnie was open!  Hooray, I hadn’t seen her since I got my Wii back, so Squirt hustled through the gates and ran off to the UK.  I wasn’t surprised to see grass, but I was surprised when I realized it was the middle of June in her town!  It was also night time (since she’s 5 hours ahead of me) so I got to see the beautiful Fireflies all around.  They were so cute, I took a zillion pictures!  



I also caught an Eel and a Butterflyfish, which Blathers was very excited about.  I gave Pal my extra Rice Cake and Girl’s Hair Updo from Japan, and she was very excited!  Apparently her Japanese friends aren’t as reliable and awesome as my buddy Chokomaru!  He rules!  I don’t know if I mentioned this, but when it was Girl’s Day, he was very diligent about making sure I knew about the event.  He sent me a letter via mail in advance.  Then he stopped by my town on the day of, just to remind me again.  He’s so great!  He probably plays as much as me, if not more!  

One Firefly
One Firefly



Actually, I’m sure he plays more than me.  Cuz I’m gonna log out of AC and work on my Pokemon Diamond game!  I gotta catch em all!  I only have 48 in my Pokedex lol!


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