Well I just rented Pokemon Diamond, so I’m pretty obsessed w/that right now!  I haven’t played a Pokemon game in 10 years (I had Pokemon Red back in the day, for the ORIGINAL GameBoy) and I had no idea it would be this addictive!  I need to find some friends who also play this game, so I could try out all the cool WiFi features.  Anyone?  

Bree was talking about moving this morning.  I told her not to leave, butI don’t think I convinced her to stay.  But I don’t really care if she leaves, I guess.  I like new townies!  

Went to Redd’s in the city, and he is selling a Pantheon Post, a Modern End Table, and a Jolly Painting.  I feel like the City Tune changed again, but at this point I can’t be sure.  I don’t remember…

Eep!  I walked into GracieGrace, and there was Gracie.  I’m not wearing a perfect ensemble right now!  Although, my shoes do match my hat… maybe I should get an evaluation anyway, just to see how she’d react to a unique outfit.  Then again, I also read that after Gracie gives you three positive evaluations, Mabel and Sable will start talking about their history with Labelle.  And I’m dying to hear it!  So maybe I will go grab an outfit from my storage and get a good evaluation.  

OK I decided to go with the full Baseball outfit, including the matching tennis shoes with red and blue stripes.  Uh oh!  Maybe this isn’t the right hat, b/c she said I get an A for effort, but that was it!  She said my shoes were the only thing that saved my outfit.  Darn.  Oh well.  I shoulda just stayed with what I had on.  I hope this doesn’t mean I have to start my Gracie tally over now. 

And the Jolly Painting was a fake.  Big surprise.

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