TT Chronicles

Whoa, for some reason my blog from yesterday was cut off.  I fixed it, and added photos so take a look if the previous blog seemed a little brief earlier.

2/24 – Boring day!  I did the regular chores and watered wilted flowers.  Nothing cool was on sale at Nook’s or Able’s.  I did get a Fairytale Shirt, so at least there’s that.  I didn’t stay long on this date b/c I knew that the GRASS was coming tomorrow!

2/25 – YAY GRASS!  Time to evaluate the grass situation around town.  The areas of flowers by my house look cool.  But the green grass really accentuates the areas that are just dirt.  Hopefully the grass will grow faster now!

The areas where flowers have been the LONGEST, i.e. along the path leading to Nook’s, is completely covered in grass.  My grass pattern btw is squares.  Ugh.  Boring.  Whatever!

Visited Crazy Redd in the city.  He was selling an Exotic Bed, a Warm Painting and a Safe.  I bought the painting, but I already have that other stuff.  Went to Shampoodle for a new haircut.  I have a certain favorite style (Cute-Not at all-Going home) and I had to get it back.  Plus I was sick of the green hair lol.

Turned out the Warm Painting was a fake.  Doh!

2/26 – Decided to play as Deb for this day.  She overheard Bree and Ruby talking about Ruby’s appearance on a soap opera the day before.  Apparently she had some bit part as a high school student, and was so embarrassed about it that she didn’t tell anyone.  Ahh, I love these fake story lines in the game.


Deb with some Townies
Deb with some Townies


Nookington’s was selling a Common Painting on special today.  At first Deb was just going to donate it to the Museum, but then I remembered that Squirt is trying to complete the catalog.  So Deb reluctantly dropped off the legit painting in front of Squirt’s house.  BTW, Deb hates living next door to Savannah.

Another pink tulip was spotted, as well as another pink cosmos!  What’s with all the pink?  I want BLACK flowers dammit!  Well, black roses specifically!  Oh well, no rush.

2/27 – Pretty boring day as well.  Where are the special visitors?  Nowhere.  Rowan asked if he should move away, and Squirt said “Don’t go!”  Then Rowan made fun of him for crying about it, but said he will stay after all.  Phew!  I wanna get rid of Daisy and Savannah, not my buddy Rowan!  

I went over to Potville to hang out with Bubbzi.  She had some other friends over and we had a little Gold Axe/Lightsaber battle.  Bubbzi ordered an Amazing Machine for me, so hooray!  Thanks Bubbzi!

2/28 – Not much going on this Saturday.  Just planting and watering flowers.  This time Ruby asked if she should move out and I said no.  I’m waiting for stupid Daisy or Savannah to ask about leaving!

3/1 – First of the month!  I got my HRA score, not as high as usual, but it’s at 183,274.  Not shabby at all.  I also got a letter from the ABD – I earned over $15k in interest.  Nice!  And I notice that butterflies are flitting about, since it’s now March!  Time for spring, new bugs and fish!  Hooray!

Went to the city to get the March Charm.  Visitors need to catch a Pill Bug, and it will bring happiness out of trees.  I still don’t know what that means, but whatever!  Squirt’s room is the Model Room in the HRA again!  Ha, take that Twinx!  LOL

3/2 – Apollo said this is the prime time of year to catch a Koi.  Good to know, those things are worth a lot!  

TODAY – Wendell was in town, but I didn’t feel like figuring out what fish to give him.  I’ve got enough patterns already!  And I still want to do a little side project of designing hockey jerseys for a bunch of teams so Shaolin can be full of NHL fans.  

Whew that was annoying!  At least I’m caught up now.  Huzzah.  Time to stop for today, and play some Pokemon instead!

One thought on “TT Chronicles

  1. I think “happiness from trees” means that when you shake out money from trees you get a larger amount. I’ve never done that charm, so I don’t know how much.

    Glad you got caught up. I want to see Wendell! I need to give him a loach to complete my mystery circle set. Higarden’s perfect town markers (not that I have tried for perfect town there LOL) are done using the circle. It looks pretty cool.

    You play Pokémon too! I can’t wait for Platinum to come out.

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